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The doctor says everything will be fine. Savita says Faltu has become Ayaan’s enemy. Sumitra asks the nurse to take care of Ayaan. They all leave. Tanu asks doctor to save Ayaan.

Just ask them if Ayaan is okay, Faltu says. Neil asks why should we call, his family will take care of him. Dada ji says I’ll call Janardhan. Janardhan gets another doctor home. He gets a call from Dada ji. Dada ji asks how Ayaan is. Janardhan says a doctor has visited him, I’ll call you and let you know. Faltu says I’m going.

“It’s for the best that they get divorced,” Savita expresses. The doctor explains that Ayaan’s lungs have been affected. Savita advises making new divorce papers. Ayaan is willing to sign them as the doctor cannot tolerate Faltu being with him.

Dadi intervenes, telling Savita not to solely blame Faltu. Faltu defends herself, saying she had no idea Ayaan would end up in this condition. Dada ji issues a warning, suggesting there will be consequences if they scold Faltu again.

However, undeterred by their criticism, Faltu remains determined to make Ayaan better. She reassures them, saying, “I don’t care; I’ll make him fine,” and then leaves.

Ayaan can hear everything, don’t talk about stressful things, he will be okay in 2-3 days, let him rest. Tanu says Ayaan, we are with you. Savita says I will be with Ayaan. Doctor says take rest, you are tired. Dada ji says I need to inform Janardhan about Faltu. Neil says I’m going there. Dada ji asks why. I have to go if she will fight them alone.

Dada ji defends Faltu, asserting that she is their daughter-in-law, and she should handle her personal matters herself. He expresses disapproval at their interference, reminding them that they were the ones who brought her into the family, and now they claim they can’t talk about her. Feeling the weight of love’s pain, Dada ji decides to leave the situation.

Upon Faltu’s return home, Dadi warmly embraces her. Janardhan suggests that Faltu should talk to Ayaan as he believes he will recover soon. However, Tanu steps in, preventing Faltu from pursuing the conversation further.

Sid and Kinshuk plead with them to allow Faltu to meet Ayaan, believing it will help him recover. However, Savita adamantly refuses, stating there is no way she will allow it. Faltu requests a chance to meet Ayaan once, but Tanu reprimands him for even suggesting it. Despite Faltu’s plea, Savita stands firm, expressing her unwillingness for them to meet.

Janardhan intervenes, inquiring about the situation and suggesting they should let Faltu meet Ayaan. However, Savita continues to argue against the idea. The tension between the family members rises as they have differing opinions on the matter.

We know Faltu doesn’t care for Ayaan, so we weren’t expecting her to change so fast. Sid asks Tanu to keep his manners. Janardhan says stop, don’t test my patience, Savita says. Savita scolds Faltu. Dadi asks how you can become Ayaan’s enemy. Savita says Faltu is his enemy, get out of here.

Faltu, Sumitra says, you signed the divorce papers, you’re no longer related to him. He said he also signed it but came to convince me, he torn the papers, I’m his legal wife, no one has the right to stop me, curse me if you want, but his happiness lies with me. You all have no right to interject. Dadi says amazing, you’re right.

Faltu asserts that she will make Ayaan well and then depart. However, Tanu firmly states that she won’t allow Faltu to return to Ayaan. Sid says I won’t let you stop her. Faltu goes upstairs and meets Ayaan. She says I am his wife, so you can contact me if anything happens. Dadi says Faltu will stay here with Ayaan. Neil returns home.

He says I’m waiting for someone, I’m going to wait here. A guard says you can’t wait here, go inside. Neil says he doesn’t want to go inside. He plays music. When the guard enters, he says a man has come, he said he came for Faltu. Kinshuk says he will see. Tanu says he will see. Dadi says Ayaan will be okay soon. Doctor says we should just come.

Faltu says I don’t have any courage now, I can’t hear everyone’s taunts. Tanu sees Neil and says he came to meet Faltu. She asks Neil to come inside as Faltu is inside. Neil says I’m waiting for her.

Father expresses that a relationship cannot be one-sided. Dadi adds that he is very fond of Faltu. However, Faltu responds by saying that he doesn’t love her; he feels ashamed of his mistake. Ruhaan’s revelation prompted him to come back to her, otherwise, he wouldn’t have approached her. Faltu discloses that he had even signed divorce papers. Despite everything, she claims she doesn’t want anything and intends to leave once he is well again.


Tanu and Savita accuse Faltu and Neil after Ayaan wakes up saying Faltu.


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