Faltu 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

It starts with Faltu taking the food. Ayaan worries about Faltu. Harsh tells Tanu everything is ready for him to come as a guest to the function. Kinshuk asks if will Ayaan play Holi since it is his first Holi after marriage. She says stop, I want to apply colour to him first. Harsh says get him downstairs. She takes the colours to Ayaan. She takes his phone. He says he doesn’t want to play Holi.

It’s our first holi after marriage. Faltu gets food for Tanu. Tanu says I will apply the colour on you first. Ayaan says don’t come close, stay away, I don’t like playing Holi. When Faltu walks in and gets between Tanu and Faltu, Tanu says he will apply the colours. He also takes the colours and says he will show you how to play Holi. She throws colours at him. Tanu looks on and gets angry. She asks what is wrong with coming in someone’s way. She throws colours at him.

As a result of Ayaan throwing colours at me, Faltu says I have also thrown them at him. Tanu says I wanted to apply them first. Ayaan says it’s okay, let him go. Faltu departs. Kumkum asks Faltu who played holi with her. Faltu says Bajrang Bali. Kumkum asks her to get snacks for guests.

Everyone celebrates Holi. They discuss Dadi and Govind celebrating Holi at the ashram. Kinshuk says Ayaan won’t come, but Tanu should have. Ayaan and Tanu apply colour to each other. He says I won’t come. She says Rocky already angered me, it should be a memorable Holi, so come.

Everyone smiles. Janardhan blesses them. Ayaan came to play Holi. Kanika says Tanu is becoming fun-loving. Tanisha says Rocky ruined my moment with Ayaan. Savita says you mess up everything. Faltu says I wanted Kanika to apply colours to me first. Janardhan says you’ve become naughty. Faltu says it’s good for your health, to drink juice. Savita asks Tanu not to worry. Janardhan invites Kanika to meet the imp guests with him.

Faltu decides to take Kanika’s phone and look it over. Sumitra says Ayaan came downstairs to play Holi with Tanu, is he also in love with Tanu? Harsh asks Sid to come and have thandai. Sid and Kinshuk drink thandai. Ayaan arrives and says don’t lie to me, I know it’s a special thandai. Harsh says you won’t drink. He leaves.

Kinshuk gives Ayaan the thandai. Faltu gives the laddoos to Kanika and thinks to pick up her phone. Kanika goes on a call. Ayaan drinks much thandai. Everyone plays Holi. Putting colours on Kanika, Faltu runs after Savita. Savita runs away. Faltu misses the phone. She says I need to finish work and leave for the match. Ayaan plays dhol and sings Holi songs.

Everyone dances. Ayaan imagines Faltu. He dances alone. Everyone looks on shocked. Kanika asks what happened to him. Tanu says he didn’t drink anything. Savita asks whether anyone made him drink something. Harsh asks if he had the special thandai. Kinshuk says he refused. Harsh says Janardhan will know it now. Janardhan asks if you made him drink anything. Harsh says no, we know you hate it, you can taste the thandai and check, Ayaan is very happy to celebrate Holi.

Ayaan lifts Tanu in his arms when he sees her. He imagines Faltu. Janardhan calls out Ayaan. Ayaan puts Tanu down. He glances at everyone and leaves. Rocky asks him what he’s doing here. He says Faltu has to go and celebrate with friends. Ayaan applies colours to Sid and Kinshuk. Kinshuk says see how I will apply them to you. Faltu worries that his moustache and beard will fall off.


Kanika looks at Faltu. Faltu takes Kanika’s phone. She answers a call. Savita asks Kanika to come.

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