Faltu 30th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 30th April 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode begins with Faltu performing well in the match. Everyone claps for her. She gets dizzy. Sumitra, Tanu and Sid speak. Sid says Tanu’s plan failed. Tanu thinks the medicine will work on Faltu, she’ll vomit there. The lady asks Faltu if she’s alright. Faltu coughs blood.

Dadi says we don’t know if the bhog is ready or not. Pandit says we will start the puja. Tanu says bhog is ready. The kheer falls down. Everyone worries. Sid says we will keep the bhog and the rest of the food. Kumkum asks if the food had onion and garlic added. Sumitra and Tanu say yes. Kumkum says you shouldn’t have added it. Savita says they didn’t ask me. Pandit says don’t worry, get the fruits and we’ll keep them. Dadi says we have to keep the food as bhog. Sid says relax, we’ll keep good bhog next time.

Savita says you know Dadi believes in puja. Dadi gets the bhog food. Savita asks about it. Dadi says Faltu has prepared it. Kumkum and Savita smile. Dadi says she had a trial match, she made the food at night, and she is the real Lakshmi of this house. The doctor checks Faltu and calls for an ambulance as she is in a serious state. Tanu asks Dadi why she made us work when Faltu had already prepared the bhog. She argues.

Dadi says Sumitra wanted to make the bhog, Faltu knew it would be hard for Tanu and Sumitra, so she made it, and she is managing both things well. Tanu says Faltu cannot do this today. I’ll prove myself as a good bahu.

Faltu says I’m fine, I’ll play the match, don’t tell Ayaan about it.

Kumkum calls Ayaan and asks about Faltu’s match. Ayaan says she went inside. He enquires about the puja. She says Faltu made the bhog by staying awake all night. Aayan hopes Faltu is fine. He hears the nurse talking about an unwell player. Ayaan says I have to go inside, I’m Faltu’s husband. The nurse asks about Faltu’s family.

She says Faltu isn’t well. Ayaan rushes and asks Faltu what happened. The doctor says an ambulance is coming. Ayaan asks her to do something. Tanu calls Kanika. Kanika comes and says Faltu didn’t finish the match and was vomiting blood. Tanu hugs her and says Faltu fooled us and made us work in the kitchen, so now it will be fun.

The doctor tells Aayan that Faltu has acid reflux due to which she has an infection. What did she eat? Ayaan says she is on a good diet. The doctor says maybe she took some medicine. He says no. The doctor says we’ve done her treatment.

Dadi praises the food. Tanu, Kanika and Sumitra come to eat. Tanu asks Dadi about Faltu’s trial match. Sumitra wonders about what Tanu is thinking. Tanu says I can’t wait until everyone learns about Faltu. Ayaan meets Faltu. She cries and hugs him. He asks did you take any medicine. She says no. It happened because of medicine, he says. She asks if she can play trial matches now. He tells her to take care of herself. He calms her down. She asks how this happened. As they arrive at home, Ayaan shouts at Amar and asks how this medicine got into Faltu’s food. Tanu worries. Faltu asks Ayaan to calm down.

Dadi asks why he will do this to Faltu, but Amar says I didn’t do anything. Ayaan says to try to recall, did you meet anyone while getting the bottle? Amar says Sumitra and Tanu were in the kitchen. Kanika scolds him for doing this. We have to find out. Amar says I didn’t do anything. Ayaan says try to recall what happened. Sid says he said what he had to say. Tanu says it appears you want me to be blamed. Faltu says we didn’t take your name.


Faltu finds the medicine bottle in the kitchen. Tanu asks Faltu how she will prove she has the medicines. She threatens Faltu.

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