Faltu 25th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

During the first episode, Faltu tells us you got stuck on Sindoor again, so I applied it myself to get out of the goons. He stops her and asks her not to continue lying. He says it’s enough, he knows I filled that Sindoor, I saw your confession video, why did you hide the truth and tolerate everything, so that I can move forward and stay happy?

When Sindoor is applied by mistake, it has no value, she says. He asks why do you apply it then, I can see everything clearly, pity me, I fold my hands in front of you, why would I take revenge, I love you. Sid says a new plan will be devised. Janardhan says I don’t trust her, go and call Ayaan. She cries. Ayaan will tell me now. Govind says calm down. Sumitra says Sid did that for good. Ayaan doesn’t value Tanu’s life. When Ayaan and Faltu love each other, then who are you between them? Kanika shouts.

Faltu is between Tanu and Ayaan. Sumitra asks when did Ayaan give you a wife’s place, he ran from his honeymoon for Faltu, and accepts this soon, they love each other very much. Sumitra asks if you are blind, he is running away, and Sid is supporting Tanu. Kanika shouts enough, stop, Ayaan married Tanu and he can’t run away. Tanu cries. Kanika worries. Faltu asks what you mean. Ayaan says yes, I love you Faltu, not Tanisha, just you, only you. I would not have done this if I had realized this earlier.

You should spare me, go to Tanisha, I can’t do this with her. She says don’t say this, spare me and spare me. He says you think I don’t feel bad for Tanisha, she’s my friend, she’s been a great help to me, what should I do, love just happens. How do I believe it, one who loves doesn’t snatch dreams and wreck lives, she asks.

She says how can I believe you when all the proofs are against you. He asks what proof. She says Vishal and the girls showed me that you sent them money. He asks how can this be. Kanika did it. I was foolish to believe you blindly, I am a big fool for believing you, I do know you both did this, I didn’t believe Vishal, I couldn’t believe that you could do this with me. Tanu says I think Faltu told Ayaan that we are behind her destruction. Sumitra asks what, now Ayaan won’t leave you. Tanu says I think Faltu spoke the truth to Ayaan that you both are behind her destruction.

It doesn’t happen the way it appears, Ayaan says, but I promise you, I’ll find out who did you wrong, I’ll prove my innocence, and I’ll always regret you trusting everyone, but not me. You could have talked to me, and I’d have dropped everything for you, but you hurt me a lot today, so I’ll see you once I find the person who did you wrong. Sid tells her not to worry, he will get them. Janardhan commands him to leave.

I told you not to help that girl, but you didn’t listen to me, you thought she was innocent, she didn’t spare you, think about what she is teaching Ayaan. Sid comes to Faltu to search for Ayaan.

He asks where did Ayaan go, everyone is waiting, why did you come here and talk, the truth will come out. She says she does not know about him. He says he came here with you, and you should have thought about us before doing this. She says Ayaan didn’t know about me, and he made a lot of mistakes, but don’t blame him for what he didn’t do.

I know Ayaan filled the sindoor in your maang, I saw your confession video. She asks when, how do you know? He says wow, this is true love, you can’t listen to anything against him. She says he is my Guru. He asks and husband. She says what are you saying, there is no need to hide anything, I know you filled the sindoor in your maang.

She should know the truth, then it will be easy to separate Ayaan and Tanisha. He says Tanisha and I did the lie detector test on you, and Ayaan also knows about the video, didn’t he tell you? Ayaan played this bad game against me and she doesn’t know anything, but she says she does not know anything.

She says stop it, go from here, Ayaan is Tanisha’s husband. Sid asks what, are you mad, Ayaan cannot even think bad about you, he loves you as you do. He says Ayaan just loves you, Tanu also knows this, moving on and marrying someone will ruin three lives, you can fix all this by accepting your love, Tanu may be hurt for a while, but not lifelong, come along with me, let’s tell the truth. She refuses. He asks why. She says leave me alone, just go. He asks why.

He smiles and thinks Ayaan, see how I got you thrown out. She cries. Sid comes home. Janardhan asks where Ayaan is. Tanu asks if are they together. Sid says Faltu was alone, she said Ayaan has gone to find some proof. He asks what proof she gave. Sid says the name she didn’t give us, was Ayaan, she said Ayaan planned and plotted and framed her. Ayaan has gone to get proof of his innocence.

Everyone has their doubts about Ayaan, but Janardhan dismisses them saying there is no need to pay attention. Sid points out that if Ayaan went off it must have something to do with the evidence that was presented against him, but insists he could never betray her- Faltu means everything to him and he would never want her to think badly of him. Tanu might be trying to ignore the reality but they all should accept it since nothing will change by blocking it out.

Kinshuk says Ayaan isn’t answering. Kanika gets a call from the manager. He says Ayaan broke things in the office and threatened to send me to jail, so I gave him the file. Kanika worries.


In front of everyone, Ayaan says Tanisha, you deserve the best in life, but I can’t give it to you because I love Faltu, not you. Tanisha weeps.

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