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She says she will give you the evidence. He asks are you not fed up saying the same thing. She says your love does not let me get tired, Faltu isn’t leaving her ego; you are in jail because of her. He says wrong, she left her dream to protect me and her family, and she would have accepted your offer and lived a good life, but she isn’t like you. The servant is slapped by Ruhaan. The servants are scolded. Inspector is asked to find his sister. His sister shows up to watch a cricket match. Faltu is also present.

As the girl watches the players and people fight, she becomes tense. She recalls an accident and cries. She falls. Faltu goes and holds her. She asks, are you okay, tell me your name, so I can drop you off. Shanaya says, “Shanaya, and yours?” Faltu replies, “Faltu.” Shanaya asks, “Are you kidding?”.

Faltu says yes, my family made a joke by keeping this name, I will show them how precious I am. Shanaya hugs her and thanks her. She says she stays nearby. They drop her off at home. Faltu always stands for the family. Ayaan says you won’t have anyone, you’ll be alone. Tanu says this won’t happen, don’t say this. He says this will happen, go away.

Faltu greets Akshay. She says we came to meet you, so we’ll drop her off and come. He asks Shanaya where her house is. He says it’s Ruhaan’s house. Shanaya goes to Ruhaan’s house. Faltu says he has to meet Ruhaan. Guard asks if you have an appointment. She says no. The guard asks her to leave. She says her name. She asks Daima to make some good food for Ayaan. Shanaya says call that girl, I want to thank her. The guard says Faltu is saying she has all your belongings.

The manager says Ruhaan is worried for you, go see how he is venting his anger. Shanaya says he will take my class. Shanaya hugs Faltu. The lawyer sees her. Shanaya tells her that she did not get hurt. She compliments Faltu and says she is special to me. Faltu says I have to meet Ruhaan. Shanaya says I thought you left.

The lawyer says Ruhaan doesn’t want to scold me, so he didn’t come downstairs. You can meet him. She says thanks for your advice, I will make Faltu meet him. Ayaan misses his family. Govind tries to arrange a house for the family. The man asks him to talk to them. Kumkum says yes, I have a lot of jewellery as well. Harsh says have patience, we’ll come up with something else. Govind receives a phone call from Ayaan. He puts the phone on speaker.

Govind asks how you are. Ayaan answers I’m fine, how is everyone at home. Govind says everything is fine. Ayaan says there is no need to hide anything, Tanisha came to meet me and told me everything. I’m worried about Dad, is everything alright, why is Mom crying?

Dadi says nothing, all is well. He asks where is Faltu. She says she is working hard to get you freed. He worries. Shanaya says Ruhaan always does gardening when he is angry. She goes and hugs him. She says sorry. He makes her away. She says sorry, I have fond memories of cricket. Faltu hears them. Shanaya says fine, I’ll be here. She acts hurt. Ruhaan worries.


As Faltu says, JM Mart belongs to my dad and husband, Kanika is taking revenge on them, and if we lose it, everything will be ruined. Ruhaan says emotions have no place in business.

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