Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 3rd May 2023 Written Episode Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Written episode for 3rd May 2023 of Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum, written update on

Shivendra comes after Surilii at the beginning of the episode. He makes arrangements for them. He lifts a wood log. He gets tired. He says all set, if you say, we’ll go from here. He sits there and passes the chocolate to her. It starts thundering. She asks, “Can’t we go back to the car?”? Then, he asks, do you know anyone who can show you the way back to the car? We can’t find it. He lights the fire. He says such kits are always in every car for emergency situations. He jokes. This is a jungle, so if you get lost, you can return the cold drink.

Because of anxiety issues, I avoid foods like protein bars and energy drinks. She does not like the energy drink. Maasi worries for Surilii. Hari calls the café and says I’m speaking from the Barot family. Everyone hears him. Ambitai sends the maids away. Hari says he is Prince Shivender Barot, and we learned that the café owner was with him as well.

I don’t know whether he’s a prince or a servant, I just want to know where he took my daughter, he cheated on her. Hari says speak well first, and Maasi says I’m talking well, my daughter is missing, you’re teaching me manners, you call Shivendra and ask about Surilii, find her, I’ll burn your palace if she gets hurt. Rani Maa disconnects the call. We don’t need to be distracted by such people, she says.

We will find a way back to the car. Surilii says her mum used to say magic isn’t in things, but people, even music has magic, she used to sing in every language and perform at the café. Since my mother doesn’t like music, I didn’t listen to it ever, and we brothers couldn’t leave Ranakgarh; we played in the jungle all day.

Surilii says I don’t want to become the food of wild animals, so please save me. Shivendra asks who is there. A man comes and Surilii says you are there. Surilii says he left me alone in the jungle and fled. Shivendra says you should have listened to me, but it wouldn’t have made for an interesting story. She ties him up and scolds him. He says I won’t tell you the truth, but I’m hungry, could you please give me some food? She asks where my luggage is. The man says he’s not a thief. She asks where you went with my luggage.

Veera reaches there and says yes, I have reached here, he is not here in the car, but he will be around, I’ll get Shivendra and come back, don’t worry. She sees the King’s pic. Surilii gives the protein bar to the man. He says that my car hit a tree, so I left and came back, and your luggage was there. Surilii scolds him.

Rani Maa says Shivendra is lost, no need to guess anything. Swati and Hari nod in agreement. He said don’t give me to the police, I’m not a thief, I was helpless to steal.


Shivendra says they would be coming. Veera looks for Shiv. Raghu says I will find Shiv, promise. Rani Maa hugs him. Surilii says the man has arrived, so why can’t your men?


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