Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 2nd May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 2nd May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivendra apologizes for Rani Maa’s mistake. Surilii says you are ashamed and now it seems as though nothing ever happened. He says maybe I can explain it to you and you’ll forgive me. She says she’ll try.

Don’t misunderstand my mother, she is a single mother who raised four sons alone, she is overprotective, and she wanted you to be away from me, I’m sorry. He claims I had been away from you. He says she is worried about me and she has an illusion that the city people will take me away from her, I am sorry. The time is up, so why are you ashamed of her?

She jokes and says it’s okay, come. He says you should not say it’s okay on her behalf. She says you got me here without my consent to get what you want like your mother did, what’s the difference, anyway, let’s go. He says we meet or not, I’m glad you forgive my mum, we can go to the resort now.

Hari says Shivendra has gone somewhere. Swati worries. Sasha calls Shivendra and asks for him. Bandish says he is busy, he’s in a meeting. Sasha says he troubled my sister and got busy in a meeting as a result. Apparently, I told Shivendra that hiring Surilii was a mistake, she was so loud, call your sister, and she disappeared with Shiv and we have been unable to locate her.

Maasi hears this and is shocked. Shivendra says he will drop you at top speed. Surilii says no, we should avoid accidents. They talk. He says the petrol in his car ran out. Hari and Swati arrive at the palace. Raghu and Rani Maa begin looking for Shiv. Maasi scolds Sasha and cries for Surilii. Diya appears. She asks Sasha to memorize the poem for her.

She asks Shivendra to fill the car with fuel. Shivendra says Bandish does it. She asks him to call for help. He says I forgot my phone, but we are safe. She says we are commoners, I will get there on my own, you won’t understand. He says this isn’t your city, it’s a jungle, and you will be cheated.

She says I manage in Mumbai alone, I will manage here too, I will help myself. He follows her. Maasi calls Surilii and worries. Swati takes care of Rani Maa. Raghu says I couldn’t track Shivendra and that girl who’s with him. Maan says I got the café details. Hari says I’ll get in touch with them.

I know we will get stuck, so Surilii says backpack and all. Shivendra says it’s his hobby to celebrate picnics during storms. She says fine, don’t follow me. He laughs. She asks if he packed sarcasm in his backpack. He apologizes. She says it’s a waste of time, don’t bother me. He replies yes, don’t worry.


Shivendra and Surilii spot something in the jungle after Hari calls the café and talks to Maasi. Maasi scolds him. Rani Maa hears her.


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