Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 23rd May 2023 Written Episode on

Surilii cares a lot for you, Maan says. We worry for you, too. People fight for worry, and she won’t be able to stand your annoyance long. When Maan goes and unfollows Surilii, Maasi says Diya won’t tell me anything. Surilii pacifies her. Diya is upset. Surilii tells her she’ll tell me everything. Shiv calls her and she tells him everything.

Shivendra says there is a difference between being busy and being in crisis, we are friends, and you should have told me. She says I don’t know asking for help from anyone. He says it’s my habit and I need to help others. She says I didn’t understand anything, I was scared. He says I’m angry with you.

It’s okay, she says. She says she is sorry. She says she is trying to apologize to you in your way, I’m sorry, I will call you if I have a problem, I promise it won’t happen again, thanks for your support. He says I need time, it’s okay. Rani Maa speaks to Bandish on the phone. Veera tells her that Sasha has been released. She asks why, ask the commissioner.

She asks Shiv why she was released. He says Shiv had given her a guarantee, the police would not be able to arrest her again. Surilii and Shivendra chat. She says sorry Shiv. He goes to sleep. Surilii logs online at 4am to communicate with Shiv, expressing her concerns. When he finally joins the conversation, she remarks that he tends to give up too easily. In response, Shiv states that one ultimately reaps what one sow. Realizing her own actions, Surilii admits, “Okay, I deserve it.”

He asks why you called me here. She says to do the same as you did. She says to close his eyes. She plays the guitar and sings the song Darmiyaan. He smiles. She apologizes. He nods and says okay, give me some more bribes. Your demands are unreasonable; you have to sit in front of me, you have to get well, and you have to come here, so leave your anger behind.

She says no, I didn’t say that. He asks really, then how did you say it. She smiles. She gets Maasi’s call and says I have to go now, see you later. She ends the video call.


Rani Maa says I asked Veera to find out everything about Surilii. Shivendra says she is very special to me. Maasi asks Surilii who she was talking to. She answers I know everything.


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