Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 8th June 2023 Written Episode

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum, June 8th, 2023: Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with the maids discussing Surilii. Shiv and Surilii come downstairs. Sam compliments her, saying that this palace needs her style and wardrobe. Surilii thanks him and mentions that Shiv needs some time to fully embrace the casual atmosphere. Maan greets them, and Surilii requests him to call her Surilii instead of BhAbhi, as they are of the same age. Sam interjects, stating that it is compulsory to address her as BhAbhi in this place.

Maan shares that he has waited for years to call someone Bhabhi and doesn’t want to be stopped. Surilii nods in agreement. Shiv asks Ambitai to arrange the room. Ambitai assures him that the room will be as clean as always. Shiv expresses gratitude and mentions that everyone will appreciate his choice given some time. Sam informs Surilii about the food, stating that it’s like a lavish feast. Surilii comments that it seems to be the daily menu. Maan clarifies that the special welcome dinner won’t be casual, as Rani Maa decides the menu. Surilii expresses surprise and questions if they eat the same thing every day. Sam responds that the menu changes every month. Raghu arrives and greets Surilii.

Surilii shares that she used to have noodles at home. Shiv interrupts her, informing her that it’s his mother’s chair. Apologizing, Surilii asks if they have designated chairs. Sam confirms, stating that it’s Shiv’s chair, and Raghu will vacate his seat for her. Surilii says that she is flexible and can sit anywhere. However, Raghu insists that she takes his place. They all take their seats.

Shiv asks about his mother’s whereabouts. Ambitai reveals that she hasn’t left her room yet. Surilii asks what happened, and Shiv explains that he expected her to join them for prayers and dinner. Shiv suggests calling her, as she might be hungry and hadn’t eaten anything since morning. He asks Surilii if she would like to accompany him. Surilii agrees, and they head to meet Rani Maa. Shiv notices an empty food plate and assumes that she has already eaten. Rani Maa retorts, accusing him of wanting her to stay hungry. Shiv clarifies that he didn’t mean that, expressing his belief that she would join them for the meal. Rani Maa dismisses his notion, claiming that he has made the mistake of assuming he can bring someone from the streets and make her his daughter-in-law, expecting her to accept it. They argue over the matter.

Shiv asserts that he found a wife for himself and a daughter-in-law for Rani Maa, whose name is Surilii. Rani Maa advises him not to waste time trying to convince her and leaves the room. As she walks away, she notices Surilii standing at the door and takes a look at her attire. Surilii smiles, and Rani Maa mocks her choice, claiming that Surilii has no expectations from life. She taunts Surilii, congratulating her on thinking she has achieved what she wanted, but she is mistaken. Rani Maa continues to insult Surilii, questioning her choices. Surilii tearfully states that while she recognizes that the antique piece is more valuable than her own house, it holds no greater value than family and Rani Maa’s blessings. Rani Maa insists on being called Rani Sahiba. Surilii asserts that her love for Shiv is genuine and that’s why she is there. Rani Maa dismisses love as an illusion that doesn’t last long and predicts that Surilii won’t stay in the palace for more than 20 days. Surilii leaves, crying, and Shiv comforts her.

Rani Maa spots Samar and questions why he is still there. Samar explains that she asked him to wait for her, showing his determination to follow the orders of his elders without making any decisions. He shares that his mother used to advise him to do so because elders have more life experience. Rani Maa questions the name he mentioned, and Samar clarifies that his name is Samar, which means “war” and “result.” He elaborates that his mother used to say that he carries the spirit of both war and result within him. Rani Maa instructs Veera to arrange dinner for Samar, but he politely declines, requesting only a glass of water. Impressed by his manners, Rani Maa acknowledges the teachings of his mother.

Rani Maa asks Samar how he obtained the pictures of the attack on Shiv and why he is interested in catching the criminal. Samar reveals that he has a personal interest and shares his story of losing his mother at a young age and feeling a sense of family in others. He explains that he understands the pain a mother feels when her child suffers, and he read Rani Maa’s concern for Shiv in her eyes. Rani Maa points out that they met for the first time that day, but Samar states that he has seen her on TV during the attack on Shiv. He assures her that catching the criminal is his promise, motivated by his love for his mother and the understanding of a mother’s pain. Rani Maa mentions that his contract is not important to her but acknowledges his deep love for his mother. She informs him that her office will contact him regarding the contract and bids him farewell.


Madhu scolds Rani Maa, and Shiv and Surilii witness the argument. Rani Maa declares that she will not accept their marriage and vows to keep her promise. Surilii accuses Rani Maa of betraying her again, while Shiv asks Surilii to assume things as she wishes.

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