Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th June 2023 Written Update


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Veer informs Sahiba that the Brars lost a significant contract due to her actions. Sahiba acknowledges that her shop cannot be recovered now. Unbeknownst to them, Angad overhears their conversation.

A maid informs Seerat that Jasleen is calling her into Kiara’s room. Jasleen walks in and asks who Kiara was talking to. She says she is very scared and wants to go to a centre. She tells her friend to work hard because she doesn’t want to come second in her next exam.

Jasleen compliments her, stating that she should always opt for the finest and most elegant choices in life, including her life partner. Just as Jasleen finishes speaking, Seerat enters the room. Jasleen proudly presents a pair of earrings belonging to Seerat, mentioning that she had them ordered all the way from Belgium. Jasleen then requests Kiara to design earrings similar to the ones she brought from Belgium.

Kiara taunts Seerat that one sister thinks she is an artist and another sister thinks she is rich because she wears her mom’s expensive jewellery. Seerat returns the earrings to Kiara and says she wore them on Jasleen’s insistence. Jasleen asks Kiara why she behaved arrogantly with Sahiba and with Seerat.

The girl notices Angad wobbling in the corridor and asks if he is okay. Angad says he is fine. She says he needs help from someone else. Angad says he can get whatever he wants for himself. The girl asks him how he is now and why he didn’t let her stay at the hospital and care for him. Angad says she’s his younger brother’s wife, and it’s his parents and wife’s duty to take care of him. She says even she can do so.

Jasleen notices them and thinks Seerat is too worried for Angad. She walks over to him and asks how he feels now. Angad says better.

While Garry apologized and reformed himself, Akaal restricted him from returning to their business, she complains. Garry’s mistake is unforgivable and they cannot trust him in their business. Seerat says they should give him one more chance. Angad walks away and says he will think about it.

Jasleen commends Seerat for supporting Garry and urges her to ensure that Angad agrees to involve Garry in the family business. Jasleen expresses concern about Garry not heeding her advice and potentially jeopardizing his life. Seerat agrees with Angad’s perspective, stating that Garry is not trustworthy. Jasleen suggests that if Garry doesn’t listen to her, she should personally talk to him and try to guide him towards making better choices.

Seerat says she didn’t mean that. Jasleen asks if she is angry with Kiara’s misbehaviour and says Kiara is upset Garry married Seerat instead of Shanaya, but she will accept her soon and behave with her well from here on. Jasleen thinks she needs to keep Seerat under wraps and make her act as her puppet as her words have a significant impact on Angad.

When Angad wakes up the next morning, he sees Sahiba sitting in front of him. Sahiba gives him medicine and asks him to take it as soon as possible. Angad hopes there is medicine for her pain that she is hiding from him. Ajith is unwell, so she is taking him to the hospital. Sahiba states that pain intensifies when one befriends it.

After the shop loss, Angad asks if he should schedule an appointment with a doctor. Sahiba says there is no need for that. Angad says she should take the driver and car along. Sahiba says she took him to a hospital in her auto.

She visits Manveer who is checking her BP and informs him that she will be taking her father for a blood test, so Angad can be looked after until she returns. Sahiba visiting her parents and leaving Angad proves that she does not care about Angad, says Manveer.

Sahiba asserts that it is crucial for individuals to prioritize based on their own needs. She explains that she focused on Angad when he required her attention, and now it is her father who needs her support. Sahiba firmly believes that a daughter can never completely detach herself from her parents. However, Manveer persists in displaying arrogance, insisting that Sahiba can depart. Sahiba chooses to leave the situation, walking away from there.

During Ajith’s doctor’s appointment, Sahiba spots Kiara getting her pregnancy test and walks to her. Kiara is shocked and asks why she is here. Sahiba inquires whether Kiara has taken her pregnancy test. Kiara angrily accuses Sahiba of spying on her, warns her not to disclose this information to anyone, and instructs her to leave the room.

The precap:

Virat tells Satya that he already proposed to Sai openly, but she refused then and won’t agree now. Sai says she learned from Virat not to value love over responsibility. A flower falls on them.


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