Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Assuming Sahiba will feel bad if she eats the flower part of the cake, Simran tells her. Seerat asks why would Sahiba feel bad since she doesn’t even like cake. As Angad ordered her favourite pineapple-flavored cake, Simran says Sahiba will have cake. Sahiba smiles and says let’s cut the cake. Angad feels nauseated and tries to leave.

Sahiba holds his hand and asks him where he is going. He frees his hand and rushes toward his room. Seerat follows him and asks what happened to him, but Angad says nothing and closes the door. Japjyoth says it looks like Angad had a stomach upset. Gurleen and Santosh provide home remedies for Angad’s upset stomach. Veer asks them to stop because he cannot have cake at the moment.

Sahiba inquires about Angad’s whereabouts, and he playfully responds that he won’t let her off the hook easily. Sahiba replies, “Later.” As the celebration continues, she proceeds to cut the cake and share it with everyone, including Simran who seems to enjoy it. Seerat attempts to befriend Simran, but the latter politely states that she doesn’t talk while eating.

Veer arrives with a box for Angad, who reveals that he has a gift for Sahiba. Sahiba, in turn, happily informs Angad that he has already given her a surprise birthday party. Veer then presents another box to them.

She misunderstood Angad and thought he bought her a gift, but he actually bought her a diamond necklace. Everyone praises it. Sahiba would have bought a similar gift for herself, and it seems as if Angad knows her choice now. Angad asks her to open the box and Sahiba sees a beautiful diamond necklace. Simran says it would be more beautiful if Angad fixed it on Sahiba’s neck. Gurleen says a kid knows better, so Angad should go on. Veer asks Angad not to shirk at fixing a necklace on his own wife’s neck.

Sahiba apologizes to Angad for troubling him with the romantic song, to which he playfully asks if it was also her prank. Sahiba denies it and the two of them share a romantic dance together. Manveer, Seerat, and Jasleen look jealous while others around them are delighted. The audience applauds after their performance.

Simran compliments Sahiba, praising her beautiful necklace, even if it is her mother’s locket. After finding the locket missing, Sahiba, Angad, and Veer search for it in the house. Inder discovers the locket and recalls giving it to Gayathri. As he recalls his time with her, he demands divorce from Manveer when he learns about her pregnancy. Akaal intervenes and refuses to grant permission for divorce in his family. Manveer sternly warns Inder to put an end to his affair.

Gayathri breaks up with Inder. In the present moment, Inder shares with Gayathri that fate brought him together with his daughter, Simran. He shows Simran an item and asks if she is searching for it. Overjoyed, Simran embraces him with happiness, mentioning that the item holds her mamma’s locket. She showers him with kisses and affectionately expresses that he is truly wonderful. Inder lovingly pampers her.

Curious about his emotions, Simran asks Inder if he feels sad. He responds with a heartwarming smile, stating that he is incredibly happy to be with her.

Inder explains that he is her. Sahiba walks in searching for Sahiba. Inder hides. Simran says one uncle found her locket. Sahiba asks whom she is talking about. Simran searches Inder and says that he left. Sahiba wonders who he is.


The rakhi box is dropped by Simran. Angad asks what it is. Simran says it is a rakhi for her brother and since she doesn’t have one, she’s collecting them. Angad asks her to tie it to him because he is now her brother. After tying the rakhi, Simran asks for a gift from him. He reveals to Sahiba that Simran is his father’s illegitimate child and asks whether he will support his mother or wife.


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