Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Vinayak falls asleep and Sai notices it is already 2 in the morning. She tries to leave. Vinayak holds her hand in sleep and asks her not to leave. She tells Ashwini she will not go anywhere and walks towards the door when Ashwini asks if she hasn’t gone home. Sai says she was about to go when Vinu held her hand and she couldn’t go. Ashwini asks how she is doing. Sai says she is fine.

According to Ashwini, Paakhi informed them about Sai’s marriage. She thought that Paakhi and Virat’s relationship would revive after Sai’s marriage, but she was wrong because Sai and Virat’s bond is stronger than Paakhi and Virat’s bond, so Paakhi left home; she prays to God that Paakhi will return. Her in-laws must worry about her, so she asks her to return home.

Satya looks after Saavi in Sai’s absence, with the sleeping child holding his hand, calling him “Papa” and begging him not to go. In the meanwhile, Sai notices Paakhi’s divorce papers along with a note addressed to Virat on the floor. Moving towards the latter, she sees him weeping while clutching some candy floss; bringing back bittersweet memories for her. She gently attempts to console him, but he refuses any comfort as well as her advice. He yells at her to leave but she just envelops him in a hug, prompting him to allow his despair to go out of his system as she can’t stand watching him in such distress.

Later, she realizes that it was all her imagination and walks away, placing the documents on the table. Virat notices her and intercepts, addressing her as Mrs Adhikari. He reminds her that she is a newlywed and belongs to someone else as their wife and daughter-in-law, suggesting that she shouldn’t return there again. Sai acknowledges that he is going through a tough time, but she points out that Vinu is also in pain. Virat retorts, denying his pain and claiming that he was actually happy after she left his life. He advises her to take her crocodile tears elsewhere and not concern herself with his well-being.

Virat suggests she should tell these dialogues somewhere; she is a mother and cares about her son, so she won’t keep quiet. Sai says up to now it was just between her and him, but now it’s about her son. Sai says they should both do their best as parents individually. She leaves there. Sai gets home. Amba notices her and notices it is already 4 a.m.

Satya woke up hearing sound and enquired about Vinu’s well-being. Sai reassured him with a nod, expressing her gratitude for taking care of Saavi. Satya then asked if Sai was in the pink of health. Saavi informed him that Paakhi had left the house after handing divorce papers to Virat; there were issues between them but she hadn’t expected her sister to leave without thinking about Vinu. Satya conjectured that perhaps Paakhi thought that it would be unlikely for her and Virat’s marriage to recover and so made the decision to depart. This reminder recalled how desperate Virat had been for Sai, wanting to start afresh with her.

A missing advertisement in the newspaper is posted the next morning with Paakhi’s photo and a message asking Paakhi to return home since her son is ill, her husband is in pain, and her son’s birthday is tomorrow. Satya inquires if Sai considered Virat’s reaction after reading the advertisement. Sai replies that she believes Virat will understand her intention. With that, she proceeds to walk into the kitchen.

Amba approaches Sai and tries to comprehend her erratic behaviour; for example, her unannounced visit to her son last night that bears no explanation. She is aware of Amba’s anguish for her son and his marital life, and so she works intently in the kitchen, determined to fulfil her duties as a member of this house. Upon returning to the room, Satya is seen fiddling with a button on his shirt – whereupon she insists that she be allowed to help him.

Satya states that he is used to managing his own affairs, adding that Amba was unhappy with her visit to Chavan Nivas. He further explains that he married her for his mother’s happiness and doesn’t want to hurt her, hence he requests Sai to make sure not to do anything which upsets Amba again. She assures him of her support, saying that since he stood by her likewise it’s her responsibility as a friend to extend the same courtesy. Grateful, Satya proposes they go to the hospital; Sai reminds him of Savi’s parent-teacher meeting. Satya agrees and affirms his commitment as a true friend in attending to his patients.


Amba asks Sai and Satya to take a day off today for a pooja at home. Satya says he has an important surgery today. Saavi states that her mother will attend the Parent-Teacher Meeting with her.

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