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Dida tells Pallavi that she will go to the mall to purchase something, and encourages her to accompany her with a smile. Pallavi agrees and they both head inside. Ranbir notices Mihika’s discomfort and enquires about it; he asks her to confide in him if anything is wrong. Mihika looks at Mayank, then hugs Ranbir tightly. He wonders what she is doing, only to notice Akshay standing nearby; he immediately breaks off the embrace and again asks if everything is alright with her. Mihika affirms that she is fine.

He asks Mihika to control Ranbir, who says I should buy clothes for me and check out the new collections. Akshay asks Mihika to control Ranbir. He asks why Ranbir is running away from you, as if he is devoted to you and can’t be with anyone else. Mayank says Ranbir is just stressed. Akshay says you seem stressed. He asks her to tell him what has happened. He asks if Mayank is here. Mihika says no. Akshay asks if you are sure. Mihika says yes and leaves.

Pallavi and Dida enter the mall. Dida asks the Manager about the sarees. He says we have a new collection. He will get someone to assist you. Dida turns to Pallavi and asks her not to think about the past. As Pallavi says, we have suffered till now, and this is happening again with my son, who has left me for the second time. She says I am his mother and he is my life. She says last time I was saved, but how can I bear it now? Dida says, “I understand.”.

I see how you react when Vikram’s phone doesn’t connect. Palavi says your son Vikram is still with you. She says she has been staying away from her son, curses Prachi, and the day when she came into their lives. She says he left us before and he continues to leave us because of Prachi. He says I will curse Prachi if she comes near me. She prays to God not to bring Prachi into the mall.

She is about to leave and opens the trial room door. Suddenly, Prachi stops seeing the lace open. Ranbir gets into the trial room as the door is open. They are both shocked seeing each other. Prachi asks what you are doing here. He says the door was open, so I came, and wonders why she tried the saree while the door was open.

Prachi was just about to leave when the lace opened, which prompted Ranbir to offer to tie it. Prachi jokingly pushed him away, saying he would get romantic. Before she could do anything else, Mihika and Divya knocked on the door to compliment her saree choice. She decided they should buy it and offered to tie the lace by herself, but Mihika insisted on doing it for her. When she closed the door afterwards, Ranbir asked if he should go now. Just then Mihika heard him and questioned why he was inside. Prachi quickly stepped in before he could answer and diverted the topic.

Abhay sees Akshay tensed and asks what happened. Akshay says Mihika was tense. Abhay asks if she was tense because of Mayank. Akshay says he doesn’t know. Abhay asks if he is tense because of Prachi’s past. He says he wants to know about Prachi’s ex-husband and what happened, but when I asked her, she scolded me. I want to know who was in her sasural and family.

Dida tells that the sarees are good. Pallavi sees a guy and thinks he’s like Ranbir, and thinks I would have hugged him if he was Ranbir. Pallavi tells Dida that she is missing Ranbir after seeing this guy. Dida says if Ranbir was here, he would have made you buy so many things. Pallavi says he isn’t here because of that girl. Dida says her name is Pra…Pallavi says she’s just a girl to me.

Dida notes the change in Pallavi’s expression and comments on it. She then reveals that the girl has ruined her house, and both sisters have eaten her son. Divya affirms this, and Dida remarks that they should all stay away from him as he wanted to be away. Nevertheless, Pallavi can’t help but go back to him. Dida reassures her that her son will return one day. Meanwhile, Mihika is appalled by the bahu’s cruel behaviour which caused her son to leave. Divya adds that he was stuck in between the two siblings. In an interesting turn of events, when a dress falls down, both Pallavi and Mihika bend down at the same time; they look at each other with a warm smile on their faces.

He says you’d have tied the lace, why did you need to open the door? She says you put blame on others and asks him to look in the mirror at himself. He says he’s looking at himself and says he thought he’d help her see herself. She asks Ranbir if you didn’t blame others. He says I’m going. Prachi asks him to wait for a while. He nods his head. They wait inside.

He tied her laces and asked, “Common on Prachi, you’re acting like…” She quickly interjected and told him not to call her that. He wanted to know if she was sure, so she told him there would be no one around and asked him to leave the changeroom. As Ranbir emerged, Akshay and Abhay were already present. Akshay’s surprise at his presence was evident as he muttered that they shouldn’t have been together inside. Ranbir headed back in again, explaining that it would be against the rules if Prachi had gone in first, so they decided to wait a while longer. Perplexed, Akshay left the room.

Ranbir asks Prachi why she did what she did just now if she doesn’t love her or have feelings for him. Pallavi sees Prachi and decides to scold her.

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