Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2023 Written Update

Rhea says sorry, I saw the temple, so…she says we will search for Ranbir in the nearby hospitals. Akshay asks the cab driver how many hospitals are nearby. Dadi tells Ashok that Shahana would have made tea. Ashok says he has done the same. Shahana says even she makes a nice tea.

The next day, Akshay calls Ashok and tells him about Khushi’s kidnapping. He asks Ashok to find out which hospital Prachi is at. Ashok says he will ask the reporter who covers hospital news. Dadi and Shahana get worried. Shahana calls Akshay and asks how Prachi is. Ashok calls Saurabh and asks him to find out about the girl. Ranbir cries.

Ranbir blames himself and says she took the bullet for me. He says Khushi is fighting death to save him. Prachi asks him not to cry. Ranbir claims if anything happens to her, he will not live. Prachi says don’t say this. Ranbir says I met her on the signal, I didn’t know she would become so important to me.

I am in pain and am asking Prachi to save her. Prachi says Khushi is a fighter, and that she came into our lives for a reason. Khushi will not be taken from us by God, and she asks him not to cry. If you cry, she says, I will turn to you for strength, and you are my strength. Prachi says we won’t let anything happen to her, and Ranbir hugs her.

He asks Akshay to reach the hospital and says that he will go there. Akshay asks if she is Prachi? Ashok says that he does not know. Rhea is called by Akshay to come to City Hospital. Ashok gets sprained in his foot and asks Shahana and Dadi to leave. Prachi comes to Ranbir for coffee and he says he needs something from you. He says you were handling me and giving me strength. He asks her not to do the same for him.

He says that when I was crying, he gave me strength and handled me. He says you came to handle me, but you started crying. He says I was giving you strength, but I was also crying. You were helping someone who was emotionally weak, but you got weak yourself. He says I was hoping you’d bring coffee. Prachi apologizes.

If I cry, you shall bring me coffee, he says. He calls her yaar, then apologizes, says you are not my yaar. He removes her hair and says everything will be fine. Rhea asks Ranbir if he is fine. Ranbir replies that he is fine. Rhea hugs him and says thank you. I couldn’t breathe and felt like I was dying 1000 times. She says I never expected to feel this for someone, and thanks god you are okay.

Ranbir says he is fine because of Khushi. He says the bullet that was meant for me has hit her. Dida and Pallavi hug Ranbir. Pallavi is shocked. Dida asks if Khushi is okay. Ranbir says she is in ICU. They look at Khushi through the window.

After Rhea got her breath back, Prachi thinks Ranbir has become more important for Rhea. She turns to leave. Ranbir tries to hold her hand. Prachi leaves. Rhea, Pallavi, and Dida look at Khushi. He says I am going where you are going, and Prachi says I am going to the reception. He says I am too. He hits his foot with the chair and asks Prachi to hold his hand.

They come to reception. Ranbir says you can leave my hand now. Prachi goes to reception to complete the formalities. Akshay comes and cries seeing Prachi. Seeing Akshay, Prachi comes to him. Akshay asks her not to leave him. Ranbir looks at him. Ranbir looks at them. Rhea collides with the nurse and says sorry. She then asks where the temple is.

The nurse says that way. Rhea thanks God for keeping Ranbir safe. She prays to God to make Khushi fine and says she will keep nirjala fast for her. As you have heard my prayer for Ranbir, now hear my prayers for Khushi. Prachi asks if you are alright, I have never seen you like this. Akshay says I was scared of losing you, and his heart and mind were closed. As he hugs her, he says he’s so happy to be with her. He says he can’t imagine life without her.

Prachi asks Ranbir if he is fine. Ranbir asks why do you want to leave my hand. Prachi replies you already did.

Ashok and Prachi hug. Ranbir realizes how much Akshay loves Prachi.

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