Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th May 2023 Written Update


Veer gets scared and says he won’t play kabbadi. Keerat forces him to play, and the boys overpower Veer. A furious Veer walks away. Keerat walks behind him and insists to continue the game. Veer asks how he can play kabbadi when Sahiba is tense.

In order to stop Garry’s engagement, Sahiba wants Seerat to reach Brar mansion and stop Garry’s engagement. Keerat reveals that Seerat can’t step out of the house today since it is her wedding night. When Seerat checks Sahiba’s sent envelope, she finds Garry and Shanaya’s engagement tonight. She reads Sahiba’s letter, saying that she doesn’t know what Seerat and Garry discussed, but she wants her to come to expose Garry’s truth so the engagement can be stopped.

In response, Seerat decides to visit Brar mansion as soon as possible, believing that Garry wouldn’t betray her like this. Angad and Sahiba are also elder than Garry, so Japjyot asks them to take their blessings as well. Garry and Shanaya touch Jasleen, Manveer, Jaspal, and Gurleen’s feet and take their blessings.

Japjyot says Jasleen spreads inauspiciousness with her bitter words. Jasleen says Manveer doesn’t consider Sahiba as his DIL and only asks Angad to bless Garry and Shanaya. Angad stops Manveer and says he will not bless them without Sahiba. Jasleen frowns. Garry takes Angad’s blessings and stops Shanaya from touching Sahiba’s feet. Sahiba asks Garry why he has such a problem with taking her blessings.

As Gurleen asks him to obey Japjyot’s orders, Shanaya receives Sahiba’s blessings, followed by Garry. Sahiba blesses him to follow the truth. She asks Santosh to let her go out for a while. Santosh denies her permission. Her neighbour walks in and says Seerat is shameless to go outside after she already made a mistake.

Santosh asks her to leave and let her handle Seerat. She warns Seerat not to leave the house before the wedding is over. As Garry is about to fix the engagement ring on Shanaya’s finger, Sahiba walks up with Seerat and Keerat. Garry gets tensed seeing Seerat and drops the ring.

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