Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th May 2023 Written Episode Update


Jasleen thanked Akaal and Jabjyot for making this decision. Jabjyot announces that Garry and Shehnaya’s pre-engagement ceremony will be held tomorrow. Angad and Sahiba have been given the responsibility of Garry and Shehnaya’s pre-engagement ceremony by Akaal. Jabjyot asks Angad and Sahiba to share this information with Sahiba and Angad.

Garry and Shehnaya are told by Angad and Sahiba that their pre-engagement ceremony date is set and it is tomorrow. Everyone congratulates them. Santosh locks Seerat in her room. Seerat asks Santosh whether she only told the neighbours that she would marry within 12 hours and then sent them away. Santosh says she is telling the truth and says it will happen.

When Santosh is about to leave, Seerat tells him that Sahiba and Angad saw her and Garry in Gurudwara on Vaisakhi day. Santosh asks Seerat about that. Assuring Santosh that she didn’t tell Sahiba and Angad anything, she ran away from there. Santosh comments that she won’t have her affect Angad and Sahiba.

Manveer asks Jabjyot what is going on and asks who is called the fashion designer. Jasleen replies that she called the fashion designer since everything is decided at the last minute. Jasleen mocks Manveer, saying Garry’s marriage will be the best in the Brar mansion, and says Garry’s marriage will restore their reputation. Manveer remains silent.

Jabjyot explains to Sahiba that she called her so she could select a dress for Garry’s pre-engagement ceremony. Jabjyot selects a dress for Sahiba and tells her she will look good in it. Sahiba is insulted by Jasleen and she asks Sahiba not to attend Garry’s pre-engagement ceremony. Gurleen stops Jasleen and tells her to shop instead.

As Jasleen shows Manveer the necklace, she says she will give it to Shehnaya at the wedding. Manveer reminds Jasleen that this necklace is her favourite from her collection and asks Jasleen what she’s going to give Shehnaya on the wedding day. When the wedding is close, Jasleen says she’ll think about it.

Kirat comments on the groom to Santosh. Groom’s mother learns about Seerat’s deeds through social media. Santosh talks with the Groom’s mother about how fast they want to get married. In the social media post about Seerat getting into an argument with neighbours, the groom’s mother takes his son away from Santosh’s house. Santosh regrets giving birth to Seerat.

In response, Seerat gives Santosh a knife and asks him to kill her. Santosh pushes Seerat away, and Seerat falls to the ground. In response to Sahiba’s questions, Jasleen reminds her of the insults they faced because of her marriage. Jasleen reminds Sahiba that she and Shehnaya cannot be compared.

Angad and Garry were compared before, and the family always thought that Angad was better than Garry, Jasleen replied. Then Jabjyot asks why Jasleen is insulting Sahiba like this. Jasleen replies that she is only responding to those who insulted her. He explains that there is a big difference between Angad and Garry and reminds Jasleen that Angad has had a lot of matches like these and didn’t marry anyone just because they were rich.

After reminding Sahiba of her status, Jasleen calls Sahiba and all of her family greedy. Sahiba responds by calling Jasleen shallow. Jasleen becomes angry. In the precap, Sahiba asks Veer to give Kirat Garry’s invitation card for the pre-engagement ceremony so that Seerat can receive it. Sahiba also explains the reason for the request.

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