Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th April 2023 Written Update


Sahiba proved today that each word she spoke was right. Garry is his biggest enemy and the devil in disguise who betrayed him because he was closer to him. Angad asks Garry to have some shame. Garry says cheap Sahiba is lying instead and claims Sahiba brainwashed Angad against him.

Garry acts emotional and accuses Angad of hitting his younger brother without seeing Sahiba’s trick. Sahiba says he is shameless to lie even after being caught. Garry says Angad knows his standards, why would he fall for a slum Shimlapuri girl Seerat? Sahiba says he didn’t know Seerat was from Shimlapuri.

According to Garry, Angad is a big businessman who cracks deals and calculates profits in seconds, but he was duped by Sahiba. When Angad shows him his call records, he says Seerat repeatedly asked him to meet her at the Gurdwara. He arrived here feeling pity for her but didn’t know Sahiba was manipulating him against his younger brother.

As Sahiba asks Angad not to believe Garry, Garry takes the oath of God and says he is not lying. Garry asks Seerat why she ran away seeing them, and why she didn’t tell him before that he is the guy she eloped with. Angad says he has taken a decision, he can’t completely trust Sahiba. Sahiba again pleads with him not to trust Garry.

Sahiba tries to explain to him by getting emotional and trusting his brother instead, but Angad as usual says his brother isn’t a liar or otherwise Seerat would have told him about Garry, etc. Santosh asks when Seerat returned from the Gurdwara, and where Keerat is. Seerat believes she did the right thing running away from here, and trusts Garry to marry her.

She gets suspicious seeing Seerat’s expressions and asks what did she this time. Sahiba tells Sahiba that until Seerat herself complains about Garry, he cannot trust Sahiba and needs more solid evidence against Garry. Now that Seerat has revealed the whole truth in detail, Sahiba won’t believe her because he doesn’t consider her a family member.

In response, Angad tells Garry to give Sahiba another chance, as she is fooling him again. Garry asks why he fears when he is not wrong, but Angad says he should give Sahiba another chance. Angad asks why Garry didn’t tell him about it many years ago. Garry asks if he would have believed him back then. Angad says he shouldn’t worry if Sahiba gets chance.

As he tells Sahiba, he is giving her one last chance, and she has seven days to prove herself, and if he finds out that she is lying or manipulating things, he will not spare her. As he believes in justice, he says he is giving her a chance. Sahiba thanks him for saying he believes in justice.

Precap: Angad tells Sahiba that Garry can’t be wrong, even though he gave her a chance.

Sahiba claims he gave himself a chance. She would have exposed Garry to the media but stopped due to him.

Her wound is bleeding. He scolds her and nurses her.

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