Teri Meri Doriyaan 14th June 2023 Written Update


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After returning home heavily intoxicated, Garry throws his jacket on Seerat. Seerat attempts to help him, but Garry pushes her away as he doesn’t want to see her face. Seerat says he is heavily drunk, and Garry says he didn’t drink from her father’s money.

Seerat questions, “It’s not even his own money, considering he doesn’t earn a single penny. He should focus on building his future.” Garry forcefully pushes her away. Seerat expresses her concern, stating that if Akaal witnesses Garry’s current state, he will never involve him in Brar’s business. She urges him to cease wasting his life. Garry retorts, calling Seerat a self-centered Shimlapuri girl attempting to advise him about his future. He collapses onto the bed and demands that Seerat remove his shoes. Seerat stands there, tearfully observing the situation.

Manveer and Inder pay a visit to Angad the following morning, inquiring as to when they could take him home. The doctor explains that due to his wife Sahiba’s assiduous efforts, Angad had recovered quickly and he could be released immediately. He provided Sahiba with a prescription and extra instructions before leaving. Inder declared that they were more than capable of taking over their son’s care and would proceed with the discharge formalities before escorting him home. Upon seeing the doctor off, Sahiba mentioned her desire of paying a visit to the Gurudwara because she had made a vow to once Angad had recovered.

Manveer says she won’t follow her orders just because someone praised her. Angad remarks that she has taken exceptional care of him and made a vow to support him, therefore they should accompany her.

Sahiba helps Angad walk till the car. As they enter the gurudwara, Inder hesitates. Manveer recalls that Inder hasn’t entered the gurudwara in years. Angad says papa hasn’t been there for years. Inder is told by Sahiba that he should come in and thank god for getting his son well, even though he is not going to the gurudwara for himself.

Inder walks in wearing a head scarf. Angad informs Manveer that papa is coming. Manveer feels happy. The three of them are visiting the gurudwara for the first time in many years. He tears up. Sahiba asks if it’s painful. Sahiba relived his childhood memories of visiting gurudwaras with his parents; Angad and Sahiba relived those memories today. The four of them pray together before heading home.

Angad is welcomed warmly by family. Hansraj is pleased to see him back and asks Prabjyoth how Angad recovered so quickly after being critically ill. They take a seat. They feel thirsty. Sahiba offers him water. Angad says she read his mind again. Akaal attempts to deliver his verdict regarding Sahiba once more, but Japjyoth intervenes and prevents him from doing so.

As Garry enters the scene, Angad informs Akaal that he is feeling better. Akaal inquires about Seerat’s whereabouts, and Garry responds that she went out for a jog. Prabjyoth contradicts this, stating that she saw Seerat in her room.. Akaal asks Garry to bring Seerat. Garry walks to his room to see Seerat weeping in bed. He says she can come down if she isn’t ill. She is given a full-sleeve dress to cover her hand injury and he asks her to come down soon.

Japjyoth asks her to take it easy since Angad just returned home. Kiara shows Jasleen her jewelry design certificate.

Kiara’s parents are proud of Jasleen as she shows it to them all. Sahiba says even she wanted to attend some fine arts school and learn some fine arts, but her family’s financial circumstances prevented her from doing so. Sahiba feels sad as Kaira rudely says she shouldn’t cast an evil eye on her just because she couldn’t join.


Gurleen informs family that she has good news to share with them. Angad reads the report and is shocked to learn that Sahiba is expecting.



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