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Manmeet’s blanket catches fire when Shagun slides diya under his bed and prays to god for his wellbeing. Meenakshi responds that she gave Manmeet all the medicines and that the dose is high, so we will wake up only in the morning. Shagun accepts Meenakshi’s explanation and walks away. Meenakshi prays to God so that Manmeet tells her about the day when he was stabbed. She burns her finger. Meet says I need to apply turmeric.

Manmeet gets scared after seeing the fire, so Sapna shouts at him to wake up and calls everyone. Jasodha gets scared after seeing the fire and attempts to walk inside. Sapna, Shagun, and Sundari stop her from entering. Everyone rushes to get water. Shagun cries and throws water. Everyone shouts.

Manmeet is asleep and cannot wake up. Jasodha shouts to help him. Meet walks into the room and attempts to put out the fire with a blanket. Meet tries to wake him up, but he says he cannot wake up because of medicine. Meet brings a table to Manmeet’s bed with a blanket. Because of the fire, Meet sweats a lot.

Manmeet is picked up by Meet, who puts him on the table, and covers him with a blanket. Sarkar shouts Manmeet’s name outside the room. Meet takes Manmeet out. She glances in the mirror and realizes her makeup is gone due to sweat. Suddenly, the electricity goes out. Meet thinks it will be a problem if someone sees me without my makeup. Everyone is busy with Manmeet.

Manmeet in Sarkar’s room. Shagun, Jasodha and Sarkar are with him. Shagun asks him are you alright. Anuja approaches them and relays, “The doctor advised giving Manmeet ample amounts of water and coconut water.” Jasodha says to Manmeet I’m fine and if you cry, I’ll go sucky again, and the medicine dose was so high that I couldn’t react to anything. I was able to see everything, but couldn’t react to anything. Who saved me?

She tells Anuja about Meenakshi so she can thank her. Jasodha said nurse saved you, we were outside the room, but she went inside and didn’t think about her life. We should gift her something and finish up with the matter, Shagun says. Sarkar says Shagun is right, give her money and leave. Mahendra walks to Sarkar outside his room. Sarkar says that nurses saved our son’s life, but why did she put her life in danger? Mahendra says she could have done it for a reward because people like them are driven by money.

A girl outside does her makeup. She sees Manmeet walking nearby and rushes up. Manmeet sees a saree behind clothes and walks toward them. While she is putting on her makeup, her wig falls off. Standing on the other side of the clothes, Manmeet says, “I am Manmeet, and my family told me that you saved my life. He thanked her for her actions and said, even though you are a stranger, you still saved my life and someone close to me attempted to kill me.

I think she lit my room on fire to hurt me, I had spoken with her before meeting her and it felt like she wanted things to get normal and have a fresh start, so he slides the clothes and sees Meenakshi in pallu. Meenakshi says I’m south Indian and I believe in God, so I always cover my head after pooja. She says to him you were saying something to him.

She stabbed me while I was standing close to her, and I was numb for a while and I didn’t comprehend what was happening. As I was lying on the ground, I just looked at her, wondering what was wrong with her taking such a big step. To this day, I still think about that situation and wonder why she did it. As if I was unconscious, Meet wonders how that could be possible.

Despite the fact that Meet stabbed me, Manmeet says I cannot trust her. He wants to know why she did it. Shagun walks towards them. Meeting sees her approach and stands in front of her wig to conceal it. Shagun walks to them and says she was a cheater and acted well. I hate myself for trying to see something positive in her, says Manmeet.

As she takes him inside, Shagun says, “Forget this, you need to rest.” She picks up her wig and finds a ring in a pot, she grabs it, and says I’ve seen this ring somewhere and remember seeing it in the culprit’s hand and it looks like it belongs to a girl, is she family or an outsider?


In front of everyone, Meenakshi says she found this ring. Shagun walks to her and says it’s mine and takes it. Meet thinks this means Shagun is responsible for the attack.

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