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As Shagun approaches Sumeet, she expresses her apologies to the children. Upon recognizing Shagun, Sumeet becomes anxious and Shagun quickly exits mid-conversation. Sumeet immediately contacts Raj to inform him of Shagun’s return. While reminiscing about their childhood, Raj inquires about Sumeet’s well-being. He assures her that he is there for her and suggests not worrying too much. However, Sumeet vents about her frustration and confesses her avoidant attitude towards encountering Shagun, which unfortunately happened. She fears this may create a strain in their relationship. Raunak then poses the question of what would happen if Sumeet discovers that Shagun is Abhay and Raunak’s mother.

Shagun is determined not to let her years of waiting go to waste. Meanwhile, Raunak is convinced that Sumeet must have already informed Raj about Shagun’s return. When Raj arrives, he immediately questions Raunak about a broken mirror. He then requests for Raunak to step aside as he wishes to speak with his mother. To everyone’s surprise, it is Shagun’s maid who pretends to be Mrs. Choudhary. Raj reveals that Shagun has returned and suggests holding the upcoming marriage at his home for better security instead of a resort. Sumeet confides in her caretaker, expressing her observation of fear on Shagun’s face and wondering what she may be hiding and why she chose to come back after so many years. She eagerly awaits to learn everything about Shagun from her own words.

Raunak quickly accepts Raj’s proposal. Shagun is confident that nothing can prevent her from achieving her goals this time around. Meanwhile, Raj discloses to Masoom their plan to hold the wedding at home, which causes her concern for their safety. As a precaution, Raj arranges strict security measures to safeguard all areas. He also ties a sacred thread on Sumeet’s hand and she reciprocates the gesture by tying one on his wrist as well. Remembering Meet’s wise words about fear, Sumeet expresses her determination not to let it hinder them. Raj encourages Sumeet to savor the moments before marriage, as they will always hold special memories in their hearts.

Sumeet invites her friend to her house and asks her to gather information about Shagun. She tells her friend to provide the name and picture of the person, and then she will get all the details about her. His uncle frames a family picture painting of the Choudhary family at Shlok’s house, and the whole family loves it. Shlok compliments his artistic choice. Rajeev mentions that the frame is expensive. Priyanka jokes they should keep the price tag along with it.

Shlok’s sister-in-law is concerned about the size of their gift compared to the other guests’ and feels uneasy about it. However, Shlok reassures her that it doesn’t matter. Jayshree reminds them that both brides come from affluent families, so the value of their gifts is insignificant. Shlok believes that Sumeet and Raunak won’t get married because he will intervene. He contacts Bitti for confirmation that she will stick to their plan to prevent the marriage. Sumeet searches for Shagun’s photo to give to the detective. When Shlok arrives with a family painting, Raunak denies him entry. Sumeet inquires about the painting and is shocked to see an image of Shagun within it.


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