Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 25th August 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 25th August 2023 Written Update on

Rani Maa asks Shiv not to forget Surilii and his impending baby. Shiv responds by saying Mohit is equally important for me, I’ll give him my name and love, I’m not accepting Roshni, I really love Surilii. Rani Maa says she is your wife, she is pregnant, don’t take her goodness as weakness, your heart will not allow you to give him your name.

As Samar asks Roshni if she would like to join hands, she says she prefers fighting her own battles and can’t trust a cunning fox like you. He says I want you to get your place, Mohit wants you and Shiv to be together, the entire Barot family can be with you, the choice is up to you.

As she holds his hand, he expresses his enjoyment. She then mentions her desire to watch him play. Agreeably, he responds, “Okay, I like it. Watch me.” He leaves and Rani Maa brings dinner to Surilii and feeds her while sharing a story about two tigers ruling a jungle. The tigers had an argument and stopped speaking to each other, allowing some cunning dogs to take advantage of their fight by stealing one tiger’s prey. Eventually, the dogs even attack the tiger but the other one comes to rescue him. When asked why he helped despite their quarrel, the second tiger explains that they should not let outsiders ruin their relationship. Surilii reassures Rani Maa that everything is fine but she sees through her facade and advises her to control her emotions and stand up for her rights without giving them away to anyone else. With those words, Rani Maa bids farewell and departs.

In order to pacify Shiv, Roshni asks him what is bothering him. He replies, “The one who hurts my heart stays in my heart. I have also hurt Surilii.” She suggests a walk and conversation. Despite the fact that he does not want to, she asks him to share his frustrations. She says Surili is justified in her anger, but she will turn around. She advises.

She says Surili’s upbringing is different. He says she will be more hurt if I leave her alone. She says she shouldn’t get angry in pregnancy. Mohit says my friends are enjoying, you take me to a bird sanctuary. Roshni says you know I am weak. Shiv says you can see a lot of birds here, there is a big bird sanctuary here in Ranak, should we go. Mohit says no, I want to go with my mother.

Shiv is fine with it, she will come along. Roshni agrees. Swati wants to see if the same care and attention will be given if she gets pregnant. Raghav suggests cancelling this week’s meetings and planning for it. When asked why, he clarifies that they need to plan in order to make this idea a reality. She brushes off his comment and explains that they need to ensure their child won’t face any partiality in the future. Raghav responds with an understanding “oh, okay.”

She says this fake pregnancy will expose everyone. He says you are right. It’s morning, Samar arrives with Mohit. Roshni says we’re running late. Mohit says he’d like to go with Samar. Shiv says it’s okay, your parents will be uncomfortable. Samar says we’ll have a great time.

Samar is going along, great, Shiv, did you ask Surilii? Shiv says no, pregnant… Roshni says no, she needs to rest. Rani Maa says I’m sure Shiv will be happy if she comes. Shiv says of course. Rani Maa calls Surilii there. Mohit wants to sit next to Samar. Roshni says no. Shiv says relax, let him sit wherever he likes.

She says Mohit, I’ve got a surprise for you. She gives him cupcakes and says, “Did you like to fly? You can fly with Shiv in this car. Go and sit next to Shiv.” Shiv says you should sit in the front seat. Surilii asks Mohit to go with Shiv and have fun. Samar says sorry, Surilii, sanctuary is far away, traveling in pregnancy is risky. Roshni smiles.

Surilii says don’t worry, I trust myself and my love. Shiv races the car. Mohit enjoys the ride. Roshni says Surilii should not have come. Shiv looks at her.


Shiv and Surilii receive Maan’s message and say our enemy is Samar….


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