Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 6th September 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 6th September 2023, written update on

In my house, everyone says we should work extra so the baby and mother stay healthy, which is why Surilii brings food for Rani. Rani says you’re pregnant, so you need to calm down. Surilii says yes. Lekha fakes her pregnancy with medicines. She shows Raghav. Raghav says I don’t get why we’re doing all this. Lekha says Roshni must have thought something.

We now trust outsiders more than family, says Raghav? I am tired of you lecturing Shiv about being a good brother, and I will do anything to get them down. I cannot stay as a second option anywhere. Raghav says I know and I also want justice for us. Lekha says it doesn’t seem that way from your actions. Lekha leaves.

Shiv and Mohit enjoy the whole horse ride together here. Roshni thinks that the day I left my good behavior, I got everything I needed. Lekha asks Roshni, “Do some good for us too.” Roshni replies, “Yes, of course.” Lekha asks Roshni why all those medicines? To prove that you are pregnant, Roshni says we need a little accident to blame Surili since you are faking it.

Lekha expresses doubt in her ability to put on a façade. Roshni suggests remaining as a backup plan for Rani and her estate, while Surilii takes the lead. Raghav becomes anxious when Samar approaches him. Raghav reflects on the recent favorable turn of events with Lekha, but he is now unsure of his next move after his failed attempt to divide the property. Samar points out that Shiv cunningly took advantage of your forgiveness and we can manipulate whatever Shiv disclosed to our advantage. Raghav asks for clarification.

Samar believes you are capable of managing the entire business while Shiv settles into his new life and relationships. Let him focus on juggling with Mohit, Roshni, Surilli, and the newborn, while you take this opportunity to elevate the business to new heights. Raghav feels hopeful and envisions himself achieving success. He asks if this is truly possible. Samar assures him that it is, expressing confidence in his underrated skills within the Mahal. Don’t let Shiv’s supposed greatness make you doubt your own abilities. Raghav agrees to follow Samar’s plan, making Samar smile at the success of his idea.

Roshni says little risks are important for bigger things. Lekha says I’m ready to take risks. Roshni says, trust me. Roshni shows Swati a medicine that will make her dizzy and puke. This will be the reason for your miscarriage, according to Roshni. We’ll plant this whole drama around Surili, so when the public discovers that you lost your baby because of Surilii, your lie will not be caught, nor will your dignity lowered.

As soon as Surilii enters the room, the evil gang is scared, wondering if Surilii heard it all. Surilii is clueless and tells Lekha she will take care of Lekha while she is carrying her child. Surilii gives Lekha a list of Do’s and Don’ts. Roshni uses this opportunity to add the medicine to the soup Surilii got for Lekha. Surilii says she will take care of her, you just focus on eating healthy. Lekha thanks her and pretends to be sweet. Surili leaves and Lekha has the soup.

Shiv and Mohit return, with the latter eagerly sharing his adventures with Roshni while Shiv commends his bravery around the horses. Whispers are exchanged between Shiv and Surili about their future baby and they both blush in excitement. However, their joy is interrupted by Lekha’s sudden coughing fit. In a rush, they all attend to her, only for her to reveal that she had just finished soup before falling unconscious. Worry spreads among them as Surili questions how this could have happened when she cooked the soup herself. Shiv quickly calls for the doctor as everyone gathers around in concern, except for Roshni and Samar who exchange smirks at each other.


Raghav cries as everyone consoles him. Surili is clueless about what is happening.


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