Suhaagan 27th July 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 27th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, Bindiya gets ready in bridal wear and jewellery, while Krish gets ready in a Sherwani, with his family members tying him in the turban. Dadi smiles as she prepares to marry Krish. Bindiya touches her feet. Krish is upset. Indu comes with Baldev. Baldev makes him wear a money garland. Indu does his aarti and takes off his bad vision. Nikku gives the money to the dhol guy.

Bindiya looks lovely and dadi says nobody’s bad sight is going to fall on her. Phoolmati cries. Rose tells her that she will get dehydrated. She asks her to save some tears for her marriage. Rose asks Bindiya not to cry, as she will ruin her make up. Bindiya thinks she is not yet ready.

Baldev asks Indu to come with him and says he wants to talk to her about her beauty and jewellery. Indu says she is in no mood to talk. He asks her to come and says the mood will be good. Bindiya hugs her parents’ portrait. Rose asks her to wear the jewellery sent by her inlaws. As Bindiya explained, there is nothing more precious to me than this chain, and I wear it to avoid feeling that they are not with me.

Payal’s face displayed annoyance, while Dadi embraced Bindiya and Bindiya reciprocated by embracing a photo frame. Payal’s thoughts revolved around hoping that Krish had acquired the necessary papers so she would no longer have to deal with them. Baldev presented the property documents to Indu and questioned why she had been hesitant to speak before, admitting his own mistake. He was surprised by her reaction and explained that he was willing to sacrifice himself for Krishna after witnessing a change in him. He then reminded Indu that this transformation had been brought about by Bindiya and warned her to be careful, as Bindiya could turn her life upside down. He urged her to hold onto the file and find happiness in it. Eventually, Indu embraced Baldev joyfully.

Vikram invites Krish over and informs him that their father has requested his presence. Indu then joins them and expresses her desire to speak with Krish. She hands him the property papers, prompting him to ask about its contents. Indu reveals that the property is in his name and suggests he postpone his marriage plans. Krish assures her that his decision to get married is not motivated by material possessions or fear of losing his home. Indu acknowledges that he may not want to marry an uneducated girl, but Krish assures her she cannot comprehend the true nature of his love. He leaves the file on a nearby chair before walking away, leaving Indu struggling to understand his perspective.

The friends ask Bindiya if she knows what will happen today. Bindiya says today I will marry and she doesn’t know any more. They tell her about the wedding night. Payal asks them to go out and says she wants to talk to Bindi. Bindiya says today you are looking wonderful. She applies mascara to her eyelashes. She says it won’t be washed with tears or water because you will cry a lot on your bidaai, which won’t happen. Bindiya says what? Payal does not comment on it.

As Bindiya embraces her, Payal grins. The baraat arrives. With an unimpressed expression, Payal comments that it’s customary for the bride to look at the baraat. However, she doesn’t want to attract attention or disrupt the wedding, hoping that Krish will intervene. Riding in on his horse, Krish joins in the celebrations with his family as they approach. Bindiya and Payal exchange smiles and gaze at them. Krish catches their eyes and Bindiya retreats inside. As Krish dismounts and enters the venue, Tu safar mera plays in the background. Bindiya muses that soon enough, her world will change.

Payal is confident that soon, Krish and I will be free from our suffering. As they dance, Krish gazes at her. Deciding to take a break, Payal excuses herself to perform the rasam downstairs. Upon reaching there, she informs the group that they must not be allowed inside and demands a substantial amount of money in exchange for their entry. Rose urges Krish to acknowledge them as well. Indu hands over some money to Payal, assuring her it exceeds her expectations and instructs her to clear their path. Baldev also gives her a generous amount and promises more, only if she allows them inside first. Dadi arrives and offers to do Krish’s tilak ceremony but Payal hesitates when it’s time for Dadi to take aarti from her. Eventually, she performs the ritual and Payal slips on purpose so that the ceremony can’t continue.


Baldev tells Krish he loves Payal and can’t marry Bindiya. Payal replies that everything is fair in love and war.


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