Suhaagan 13th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Payal’s Shocking Accusations


Suhaagan 13th January 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Amma announcing that she has brought clothes and jewelry for everyone to celebrate Sankranti. Sakshi immediately asks to see the jewelry box, while Payal wonders what is in store for her today. Amma then proceeds to display the clothes and jewelry boxes, which leaves Payal taken aback and frightened. She nervously questions Amma, who kindly offers her the first box as a token of blessings. But Payal declines, suggesting Indu should receive it first. Amma agrees and hands the box to Indu, who eagerly reveals a beautiful necklace inside. Suspiciously, Payal thinks the old lady is trying to manipulate her again.

The clothing that Amma gives to Indu is unique. Payal hesitates when asked to take the box, but Bindiya encourages her. Sakshi also asks for it, and Payal confirms with Amma before receiving it. Ultimately, Amma gives the box to Sakshi, who admires it and wishes for a mother-in-law like her in every life. Indu reminds Sakshi that she had said the same thing to her, but Sakshi clarifies that she was referring specifically to Dadi saas. Amma then hands a jewelry box to Bindiya, prompting Payal to think that taking Bindiya’s box would be a safer option. She asks Amma if she can have it, but Amma states it is meant for Bindiya. Indu questions why Payal always wants what Bindiya has.

Payal swiftly grabs the box as Krish inquires about its contents. Bindiya reassures him, stating that her husband is her adornment and she only desires blessings. Amma then presents Bindiya with a fourth box, which, upon opening, receives positive feedback. The others urge Payal to reveal the contents of her box, but she declines and throws it aside, claiming that there is a snake inside. To their surprise, a necklace falls out of the box. Indu reveals that Baldev ji had brought four boxes at Amma’s request. Payal then accuses Amma of scheming the whole ordeal. Krish apologizes to Amma and escorts Payal away from the situation.

Bindiya regrets her actions towards Payal, while Amma warns her that if they don’t end Payal’s schemes, she will continue to cause trouble. Amma reminds Bindiya that Payal is like poison and can destroy the family. Payal enters the room as if on cue and spots a snake in her cupboard. She panics and calls out for Krish, who questions where the snake could have come from before going to investigate. Vikram asks Sakshi if she checked their cupboard, but she assures him there is no snake in their room. Suddenly, Bindiya enters the scene.

You left the snake in my room, Amma, and you have planned to kill me, and Payal says I know. Amma repeats snake and asks if you have been afraid of snakes since childhood or have watched snake films. Payal says she used to visualize things as snakes after watching the movie. Baldev says you are accusing my mother. Payal says you have made a plan to kill me, but it won’t succeed. Payal says you said the snake would be killed and the lathi wouldn’t be broken.

As Krish enters, he says you saw my socks and shouting socks. Bindiya recalls taking the snake from there, and Payal says that she has only seen the snake and that it is their plan. Amma asks what are you saying? What will I get if I kill you? She says I was accused of murder, but it isn’t true. Payal shouts, “You’re making me a murderer!” and says she knows your plans, so stop your drama and keep quiet.

Krish, Indu, Baldev, and others are taken aback by what happened. Krish quickly silences Payal and strikes her with force. The entire group is stunned. Payal cries out, “Krish…you hit me!” Krish immediately apologizes to her, explaining that she has disrespected his mother. However, Payal argues that he should have lashed out at Bindiya instead for helping his mother plan to kill her. Krish denies these allegations, but Payal persists and claims to have seen Bindiya put a snake in a box. Bindiya is confused and questions why Payal is acting this way. But Payal accuses her of being a murderer and demands she remain quiet.

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