Suhaagan 29th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya Discovers Hidden Secrets in Dadi’s Diary


Suhaagan 29th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Dadi didn’t finish her diary, and Bindiya wondered why. She doesn’t know if Manohar returned home, and she’s determined to find out why. Bindiya tries to hide the diary but accidentally drops it. She hears the noise and asks Krishna to leave Payal in Dadi’s room. He asks Payal why he is bothering her. Krishna says she might meet Dadi. Payal says she might be sleeping in her room.

Krishna has to meet her, and Payal prays to sleep. Meanwhile, Dadi misunderstood that Bindiya had stolen her diary. She argues with her and pushes her away. Krishna holds her. She stops him from coming near Dadi, reasoning that she is angry. Payal runs in fear. Krishna tells Dadi he is her grandson. He makes Dadi feel happy to meet him. She complains that Bindiya stole her diary, saying she is dirty. Bindiya says to him that she was keeping it safe.

Asked who was caring for her, Krishna mentioned Bindiya’s name. He replied that she was also protecting her belongings. Dadi said she would not give her her diary. She said she did not need it. Krishna said that no one should touch her diary. Dadi said he was a good person, but she couldn’t pronounce his name. He mentioned Krish. Bindiya said his full name. He mentioned Krish.

Payal tells Indu that Dadi is angry, and she gets angry with Bindiya. The first time she saw her angry like this, Krishna handled her. She was furious about her diary. Sakshi says she didn’t have a diary when she came here, when she started writing one. If her secrets are in it, Indu asks her to shut up. Baldev scolds Payal for going to Dadi’s room. He warns her not to go to her room again. Sakshi is determined to discover the truth.

Seeing Krishna and Dadi sleeping, Indiya thought she would hide the diary before Dadi woke up. After stealing the diary from Dadi’s hand, Indiya was about to hide it when Krishna stopped her. He asked her why she was hiding the diary. She lied and told him she was protecting it. Krishna insists on reading it.

Indiya says he shouldn’t read the diary without Dadi’s permission. Krishna claims she is his father, and he has the right to read her diary. She refuses to give it to him. He shares an eye lock with her. He snatches it from her, and she asks him not to read it. He says he wants to read it.

Baldev says he should not read this diary without Dadi’s permission to defend Bindiya. Krishna says he knows he doesn’t trust him. He will tell him the truth. Baldev says he is legally entitled to care for his mother. He is very happy to see him take care of her. Krishna says she is his father. He is looking forward to her recovery.

In her mind, Pal is determined to find the truth. Having seen the diary, she can find out about her love story. Krishna returns to his room. She asks him about the diary. He says that it’s none of her business. She is determined to find the diary. Baldev warns Bindiya not to read the diary. Bindiya asks what happened to Dadi after he left the house.

According to Baldev, Dadi arranged everything for his birthday. She was also very excited. On that day, she heard the news of his death. Bindiya cried when she heard it. Krishna is there. She pretends to be looking for medicine. Baldev is shocked to see Krishna there.


As Bindiya reads about Amma’s past, she realizes Amma was in the same position as her and decides to help Amma get out of the trauma. Krish walks up to Bindiya and joins her. Payal thinks Bindiya will backfire on her.

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