Suhaagan 8th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Krish and Bindiya’s Intimate Moment


Suhaagan 8th January 2024 Written Episode Update on

Krish begins the Episode by discovering the frigid medicinal cloth, reminding it needs to be warmed. Despite the lack of gas, Bindiya informs him they have a Chula available. Krish eagerly accepts the challenge and searches for a kadai to place on the Chula. After successfully lighting the Chula and blowing on it through a pipe, Krish’s face becomes covered in soot. Bindiya playfully teases him for not being as handsome and fair as she thought before he lit the fire. However, her laughter turns into pain, prompting Krish to point out she is gritting her teeth in discomfort.

As Indiya wipes her cheeks, Tulsi provides food and says she took Dadi to her house because her blood pressure was low. She winks her eyes and leaves. Payal falls in the room, trying to hear Baldev and Indu. Baldev and Indu look at her. Krish asks Bindiya to have food. She refuses. Krish eats it and makes her eat it. Rab ne Bana di Jodi plays…… He remembers his behavior towards her. She asks Krish what happened. He says nothing.

He expresses a sense of inner turmoil, torn between the complexities of his mind and heart, unsure whether to rely on his thoughts or emotions. Bindiya responds, taking comfort in his hesitancy to believe that she caused harm to their child. She encourages him to reflect on his feelings and thoughts, assuring him that clarity will come. Indu asks Payal if she overheard their conversation. Baldev scolds her for eavesdropping. Indu criticizes Payal’s lack of manners, but Payal explains that she came to apologize. Indu rejects her apology and demands that she leave. Payal persists in asking about Krish, but Indu dismisses her and shuts the door in her face, causing Payal to become upset.

Krish takes care of Bindiya and checks her fever, ensuring she gets enough rest. The following day, he comes in wearing a dhoti and vest, returning fond memories for Bindiya. She mentions wanting to bathe, but Krish reminds her of Vaid ji’s advice to keep the water away from her injury. However, Bindiya insists that she feels sticky and Krish takes it upon himself to clean her face with a towel while playing the song “Chal Tere Ishq Me”.

As Indu, Baldev, Sakshi, and Vikram checked the footage, the technician said someone had switched off the CCTV, and nothing had been recorded. He leaves. Payal says you are all behind the footage. She’s worried about Krish and doesn’t know if Bindiya’s still alive. Baldev warns her and says Bindiya is fine and that Vaid ji of Lucknow is treating her. Payal says Vaid here. Indu asks if he has a prohibition here. Payal becomes skeptical.

Bindiya tries to fill her maang with Sindoor, but Krish stops her and asks her to apply it with her left hand. Dadi and Phoolmati come home. Phoolmati asks them to talk until she brings them breakfast. When Krish applies Sindoor to her hairline, Payal comes and gets shocked, and Bindiya smiles.

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