Pandya Store 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal Confronts Marriage Proposal Drama

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Suhani’s proposal starts the episode with Dhawal shocked. Amba says Dhawal isn’t happy since he married Natasha. He asks her not to insult Amba. Amba says Arvind should have known. Pranali taunts. Hetal asks her not to insult Amba. Suhani, try to understand. Natasha and I did not end completely. I cannot give you a wife’s place. Please do not ask me why.

Our Pandya store will be rebuilt, and it will stun everyone. Suman thinks we’ll find Natasha a nice groom. According to Arvind, Suhani has no problem with this decision. She has loved you since childhood, but she never told you. You put single status, which means you want to move on, and Natasha is sure to have moved on as well.

Dhawal says he’ll come just like he said. He leaves. Suman asks Natasha if anyone is coming. Did Dhawal call you? Natasha says no. Suman says she wants a handsome man in her life. She sees him coming. The man greets Suman. Suman says it’s amazing. She thinks Somnath heard her prayer.

Natasha is sure that Sandeep ji is the right person for the job. However, he prefers to be called just Sandeep. Suman expresses her admiration, while Arvind voices his concerns about Dhawal’s happiness with the potential alliance. Amrish reassures him, stating that while Dhawal may have some worries, he is still interested. He asks Arvind to sit and wait while he speaks to Dhawal. Meanwhile, Amba anxiously thinks about possibly losing this alliance because of Natasha. She then instructs Suhani to go to Dhawal and guides her on what to say. Natasha has invited Sandeep, a mall architect, to ensure the mall does not overshadow Pandya store. She believes they need a plan to make their store stand out from the rest.

Suman says I will make tea. Natasha says no, he already had dinner, he’s Neetu’s brother, he came to help us. Sandeep says wow, you are so bright, I admire girls like you. As Neetu explained, Natasha went through a lot, so please do not worry. I will help you. It is my work to renovate the store so that I will help Natasha. Natasha says she will show him the store. They leave. Suman says he looks good-valued because he is Neetu’s brother.

In prayer for Natasha, Dhawal is concerned. Amrish comes to him. Dhawal apologizes. Amrish tells him I’m doing this for your future. You left Suhani rudely. He says I feel bad that you’re doing this so soon. Amrish says he understands what you’re going through, so he doesn’t see you worrying. Suhani stands by and looks on. Amrish tells Dhawal to consider Suhani, she comes from a good family and the alliance came from her side. He says we have to do this someday. Why not today?

Dawal says marriage isn’t a toy, I need more time, I’m not in a mental state to think about another relationship, I don’t want to marry Suhani. She goes. She’s shocked. Sandeep holds Natasha and says, “I thought you could fall here; it’s dark here; be careful.” She replies, “You must, too.” He switches on the light and asks what happened. He says I can understand your fear.

His hand encircles her. He says my wife and I aren’t compatible, we aren’t happy, we are together because the child is the reason we are together, but whatever, it’s okay, don’t feel sad. Many people like progressive and independent girls like you; you are Neetu’s friend, so I am telling you because I am worried. Natasha says likewise, I asked your help because you are Neetu’s friend, how much will it cost to fix the store. He says 25 lakhs. She says it’s much.

She thanked him and said if she had a brother like her, then no sister would cry. I will arrange this for you, 15 lakhs for you, smile for me, please. He says don’t call me your brother, don’t get emotional, I’m not doing any favor. She thanks him. He says you have to make coffee for me. She says tomorrow evening. He says okay. She goes. He says our relationship will start, and I will get close to you, Natasha.

Isha watches as Chiku goes to Dhawal’s house. He catches him and is going to beat him. Dhawal stops him and asks him to talk. Chiku scolds him. Dhawal says Natasha and I are over, and I have moved on, tell her to move on as well. Chiku says if anything happened to Chutki, I would burn you, your family, and your house. Dhawal holds his collar.


Natasha and Dhawal argue. They hear about the ghosts. The tribal woman tells Dhawal about the danger in the jungle.

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