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Suhaagan 7th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the episode, Phoolwati sees Bindiya and Payal and is about to beat them, but Madan and his wife arrive. Madan assures his nieces that nobody will harm them. Dadi calls Madan, and Madan and his wife greet Dadi. Phoolwati asks why they came here, and if he thought it was a dharamshala.

He says he came at the right time and saved his nieces from going to an orphanage. Dadi asks Phoolwati if she was sending them to an orphanage. Phoolwati asks where he was hidden so he didn’t come. Madan says I was upset with God since my Lajwanti Jiiji had left.

In the end, he says he does not have the strength to come here. Mami says he used to cry in the room for a month. He vows to be a good Mama to his nieces. He says if you have any problems, I will leave. Phoolwati asks them to leave. Madan apologizes to Dadi if he made a mistake.

Dadi says I have forgiven you and asks him not to go. Madan asks Rekha to bring something. Rekha brings a sweet box and says it is for you. Phoolwati says do you know I’ll be here? Payal and Bindiya eat the sweets, and Rekha says he’ll get a cat like a cow. Bhim says Madan came here with the same intention. Phoolwati says I also feel the same way. Madan asks Bhim to eat Imarti and make Phoolwati eat it too.

Bindiya tells Payal that Mama and Mami saved them from the orphanage people. Phoolwati asks them to sleep, or else she will kick them out. She recalls Madan’s words.

Bhim asks Phoolwati to have Bindiya make tea the next morning. The kids are missing, and others are too. They find Dadi missing too. Phoolwati realizes something was added to the sweets, and she says you had it. He says I had just one Imarti, but you had nine. Phoolwati thinks something has to be done.

Phoolwati tells the neighbours that Madan came and took my mother and nieces. Sarpanch asks what happened? Phoolwati asks Sarpanch to free them. Madan, Rekha and others return home.

When Phoolwati asks Madan where they went, Madan says I took Amma to the hospital to get her x-ray done, and that he tried to wake you up, but you slept like a kumkaran. Phoolwati says she doesn’t believe him, and says you want the farm and house.

Sarpanch asks them to go inside and resolve their problems. Madan says I have everything with me and don’t need anything. He says I have come here for Bindiya and Payal. He says my Lajwanti jiji used to say, “None of us are sinless, we all sin.”.

Madan tells Kans’ story to Payal and Bindiya. Bindiya says Mama, you are the best. Payal hugs him and says best. Madan gets a call again. He rejects the call. Rekha asks him to talk to him. Madan goes to pick up the call and talks to someone asking him to keep patience. Phoolwati is right, and Bhim believes it.

Rekha gives Dadi and Madan tea. Madan asks Bindiya and Payal why they aren’t going to school. Bindiya says Bua stopped us from going to school.

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