Anupama 23rd April 2023 Written Episode

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Anupama’s 23rd April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama teaches dance to her students on the song O Re Piya… She recalls dancing with Anuj. She senses his presence and stops hearing her name. Anuj hides and watches her and murmurs my Anu. She shouts Anuj, shocking her students, and runs out. Bhavesh runs behind her and asks her what happened.

Kanta returns from the temple and asks what happened. Anupama says Anuj came here. Bhavesh says Anupama thinks Anuj is here. Anupama says she is sure he was here and continues to express her excitement. Anuj hides, weeping. Anupama says she will meet Anuj at the office.

Getting ready, Anupama recalls her quality moments with Anuj. She asks Kanta if she looks good. Kanta says yes. Anupama says some time ago she thought Anuj had come here for work, but now she thinks he came even for her; she knows he missed her too, so he came to see her before heading to work; anger won earlier and love won now.

May be, Kanta replies. Anupama says there is no place for may be and continues to show her excitement. Kanta hopes her wish will come true and asks what she has thought about returning. She says she hasn’t thought much about returning. Kanta asks her to trust God and not think much about it. In hopes of meeting Anuj soon, Anupama leaves for work.

He recalls watching Anupama hiding while traveling to work and thinks she sensed his presence; she looked excited and also tired and weak; he should have met her alone since there would be people in the office. His auto travels just behind Anupama’s cab as he hopes she will visit the office and meet him.

The traffic halts due to a fight between an autodriver and a cart vendor. Anuj and Anupama feel restless. Anupama messages receptionist Nidhi that she is stuck in traffic and worries that Anuj will leave before she arrives.

Anupama notices Anuj’s hand and walks toward him. The cab leaves. Anupama gets back into the auto and asks the driver to drive fast. Anuj wonders what he will tell Anu when he meets her. Anupama thinks she will see her Anuj at any cost.

Ankush anxiously checks records to update Anuj. Barkha asks him to stop behaving like a slave. Ankush asks her to stop behaving like a boss. After she gets Anupama’s signature on documents, Barkha says he should do whatever he wants, but he should talk to Anuj in the cabin.

Anuj enters the office. Ankush feels sad seeing his condition and hugs him. Barkha says it’s for our good, she’ll never allow them to reunite.

Anji talks to Adhik next. Barkha thinks they should go in before Anupama gets here. She asks him to get into the cabin as there is staff here. Anuj repeatedly looks at the door for Anupama.

Anuj thinks Anupama is coming. Barkha asks Ankush to take Anuj in. At Shah house, Vanraj wonders if Anupama went to the office.

The colleague asks him if he is okay. He says he is feeling unwell. The colleague says he can recst and they can meet tomorrow. Anupama is still in the car, excited to meet Anuj.


Anupama enters the office. Anuj senses her presence. Barkha thinks they’re better off apart.

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