Anupama 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

Anuj is crying saying his daughter has gone forever. 

Little Anu is in bed looking at Anuj and Anupama’s photograph.  She tells Maaya that she is missing them.  Maaya is trying to comfort her saying that in the beginning she will miss them but then later she will get used to it. 

Little Anu explains to Maaya that Anupama would always give her time.  She tells Maaya that she was a very important part of their lives. Maaya tries to console her and stop her crying.  Maaya asks Little Anu what she wants.

Anuj says he wished he could blame destiny for losing Little Anu.  But it was not destiny but their own fault because they did not give her enough time.  He has failed as a father.  Parents also break down when their children leave.  When he was a kid he lost his parents and now as a grown-up, he has lost his only daughter.  He says he has failed in life.  Anupama convinces him that he has not failed but passed the most important exam in his life.  He thought of his daughter’s happiness first.  She tells him that he is the world’s best father.

Anuj says if he was the best father then why does he not have his daughter with him now?  Both Anuj and Anupama are inconsolable.

Maaya asks Little Anu if she wants to go back to Anuj and Anupama.  She says she will live alone but for her,  her daughter’s happiness is more important.

Maaya convinces Little Anu that she will give her so much love that one day she will forget her parents.  Little Anu gets upset and replies that she will never ever forget them.   Maaya makes her promise that she will never leave her and go.

Anupama wakes up Anuj for his coffee but he just turns and goes back to sleep.  Anuj hugs Dimple and cries.  Anuj ignores all calls from his office.  He spends his time repairing Little Anu’s toys and looking at her videos.

Anirudh comes home and spends time with Kavya and then both go out together.  Baa and Vanraj are watching them.

Dimple sends Samar a video of Anuj crying.  Samar, Kinjal, Toshu, Adhik and Paakhi are upset seeing Anuj’s condition.

Hasmukh comes to meet Anupama.  Anupama tells him that Anuj is not talking to her or replying to anything she asks.  She is not able to see him in this condition.

Anuj has kept something on the gas and is so engrossed in his phone that he does not realize that something has caught fire.  Luckily Anupama comes in time.  When she points out to him what has happened he just ignores her and walks out while still engrossed in the mobile.  Anupama cries that she too needs him.    Barkha, Ankush and Dimple try to console her.

The Kapadia family are having breakfast together.  Little Anu makes a video call. Anuj is happy talking to her.  Little Anu tells them that she is missing them a lot.  She enquires if they are looking after themselves.

Anuj takes a screenshot of Little Anu while talking and tells Anupama that he will take a screenshot every time she calls so that he can see the photos when he thinks of her.  Anupama follows Anuj and tells him that she wants to speak to him.  He ignores her and tries to go away but she does not let him go.  She asks him why is he ignoring her from the time Little Anu left.  He even refuses to look at her.


Anupama is worried because Anuj has not slept for many days.

She is worried when he walks out of the house and hopes he comes back soon.

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