Anupama 7th January 2024 Written Update: A Shocking Incident at Aadhya’s Party, Anupama Faces Yashpal’s Wrath

Anupama written update

Anupama 7th January Written Episode, Written Update on

Adhik informs Pakhi that she is free to think whatever she pleases about him, but she cannot prevent him from seeing his daughter. He declares that he has every right to visit his daughter at any time and reveals that he has been refraining from taking action until now but will no longer do so. He then threatens to take legal action against her for mental harassment and torture. In response, Pakhi dismisses his threats and urges him to leave. Adhik vows to show her the extent of a father’s love and advises her to stay and observe. Baa intervenes and advises Pakhi to reconcile with Adhik, assuring her that she will regain her husband and Ishani will have her father back. Kavya adds that Adhik’s pride has caused him great harm.

Dimpy inquires if Pakhi doesn’t want Ishani to follow in her father’s footsteps. Fed up, Pakhi tells them to focus on their own lives. She declares she will take the matter to court. Baa remarks that a significant crisis has arrived. Shruti assures Anupama that she will handle the task. Anupama explains that as a mother, she enjoys caring for her daughter and seeing her happy. She adds that Shruti’s daughter reminds her of her own. Shruti encourages Anupama to share anything with her and asks about her family in India.

Anupama says my daughter and her papa. Aadhya arrives and takes Shruti to meet her friends. She doesn’t want to speak. Anuj picks up the cake and says, thankfully, he will reach home. She asks Aadhya to send Joshi Ben from there. Shruti explains that she is serving and heating the food. Aadhya says I will assist, but Shruti tells her that this is your party and asks her to enjoy it. After someone, Shruti thanked Anupama for serving them so well and gave her an envelope.

Anupama expresses her gratitude and takes Shruti. In return, Shruti thanked her and requested that Aadhya retrieve her return gift. Aadhya promptly brings the gift and refers to it as a farewell present. While Shruti goes to call Anuj, Anupama asks Aadhya if she doesn’t like her. However, Aadhya secretly admits that she despises her. On the way, Anuj’s car unexpectedly breaks down, and he decides to walk not to be late.

Meanwhile, Aadhya’s friends come across a video of Anupama dancing in the park and excitedly ask her to perform for them. Surprised by this request, Shruti asks if she is a trained classical dancer, which she was unaware of before. However, Anupama politely declines their offer as she runs
late, but the kids insist on seeing her dance.

As Anupama dances, Aadhya is suddenly reminded of her childhood and urgently tries to contact Anuj. However, he is walking on the road, attempting to hail a taxi. Aadhya calls out for Anupama to stop dancing and falls onto her. Concerned, Anupama helps her up and asks what’s wrong. She prompts Aadhya to take a deep breath while the servant brings water. Handing Aadhya the glass, Anupama encourages her to drink it. But Aadhya refuses and instead pushes Anupama, causing her to fall. This action shocks Shruti, who then calls Anuj and informs him about Aadhya’s panic attack, urging him to come quickly.

Anuj rushes away, leaving behind the bouquet and cake. Upon noticing the time, Shruti ends the party and instructs the children to go. She then advises Anupama also to make her way home as she is running late. Assuring her that she will take care of everything, Shruti promises to explain later on. Fearful of Yashpal’s arrival, Anupama hastily exits the house. Just as she leaves and Anuj approaches, their paths barely miss each other due to a passing bus. Anuj enters the house while Anupama makes her way out. When he sees Aadhya crying, Anuj consoles her and assures her it will all be okay.

Anupama realizes it’s getting late and takes a taxi with her money. Upon arriving at the hotel, she revealed to Vikram that she had encountered some delays – first, there was no bus, and then her taxi got caught in traffic. Yashpal joins them and remarks on Anupama’s tardiness. He expresses disappointment in people who come abroad merely to make excuses instead of working hard to build their careers. Yashpal shares his experience of sleeping on the streets with an empty stomach while striving for success, which he respected and appreciated when given the opportunity.

As he explained what you did, he said you didn’t have passports or papers, but I trusted you and gave you a job and a place to live. It has been written on the board since morning that a particular dish will be on the menu, but you did not respect me. He says you know what results from being late, you have seen it yourself.

Vikram asks him to give her a chance, and other chefs also ask him to do so. Yashpal asks them to be quiet. Anupama tells him Shruti’s daughter had a panic attack. The restaurant does not need her, so he tells her to go there and stay. He says he needs to make the unique recipe, so he doesn’t need her. Yashpal shouts for her to leave, but Anupama asks where she will go.


Anupama leaves the hotel and thinks she is safe on the other side, where she will now. Shruti tells Anuj that Joshi ben danced when we forced her, and he asks what happened between Anupama and Choti Anu. Anuj is shocked when he hears that. Later, Anuj appears on the road, and Anupama continues.

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