Anupama 29th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 29th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Vanraj exits Kavya’s hospital room, Anuj inquires about his sudden departure. Samar offers to go check on him, but Anuj suggests letting him be as he is upset about Kavya’s illness. Pakhi asks Romil to refrain from interfering in her marriage with Adhik. Adhik intervenes and accuses Romil of trying to cause a rift between him and his wife. He warns Romil to stay away from Pakhi or face dire consequences. Romil sarcastically questions how he knows where the garbage pit is, implying that Adhik frequents it. Pakhi interrupts them and urges them not to add to the stress of Anuj and Anupama, who are already anxious about Kavya’s condition. Adhik backs off, and Romil claims he doesn’t throw things away but instead makes them disappear.

Anupama walks to him. Vanraj recalls Kavya’s announcement that her baby belongs to Anirudh rather than her. Vanraj says he emotionally told Kavya that her baby belongs to them, but he cannot accept it by heart. Until a baby is born, it belongs to someone else, but after it comes into the world, it belongs to them because of the emotional bond they develop with it.

She reminds him how he was excited to hear about Kavya’s pregnancy and had even started saving for the baby’s studies, that the baby would call him father and he would forget all his complaints, and so on. Anirudh’s baby is unacceptable to Vanraj, who turns and sees Anuj standing in front of them. Leela thanks God that Kavya and her baby are fine. Hasmukh says life is unique in that when people face a problem, they seek help from their loved ones. Leela hopes their problems are soon resolved.

As Anuj drove towards home with Anupama, he asked if Vanraj had come to discuss the same matter with her at midnight. Confirming that he had, Anupama questioned if he was angry with her. Assuring her that he could never be angry with her, Anuj mentioned sensing a tension between Vanraj and Kavya. He believed it was important to be honest with the family. Agreeing, Anupama added that they would have to wait and see what happens next. As they were unable to visit the temple in the morning, Anuj stopped the car in front of a nearby temple and suggested praying there instead. However, their plans were interrupted when a lady bumped into their car. Alarmed by this encounter, Anupama stepped out of the car to check on the woman’s well-being. It was then that she discovered it was Malti Devi, who appeared to be mentally unstable. Shocked by this revelation, Anupama informed Anuj that it was actually Guru Maa. Confused, Anuj clarified that she must have mistaken someone else as Guru Maa.

Samar and Toshu return home. Dimpy nervously asks what did the doctor say about Kavya and baby, when will Kavya return home. Samar says they are safe and Kavya is under observation tonight. Dimpy thanks god and says she will submit prasad to God. Leela says there is no need for that, since she is responsible for Kavya’s condition. Samar says it was an accident. Leela curses Dimpy for ruining her house and warns her not to touch Kavya and the baby until she is pregnant.

Romil and Anupama return home. Anupama asks him if he’s going anywhere. Romil replies he’s going to meet his friends. Anuj says he should get permission from his family to go to meet his friends. Romil sarcastically asks the teacher if he can go to meet his friends. If he asks a teacher for permission, Anuj says no. He asks his uncle if he can see his friends. Anuj says yes. Anupama asks him to drive and not drink alcohol, etc. Romil walks out staring at Adhik. Adhik leaves giving some excuse as well.

As Dimpy reminds Leela that she is always right, Leela continues to scold her and calls Samar the wife’s slave. Hasmukh asks Leela if he is the wife’s slave too and asks her to stop her atrocities. Leela hopes Kavya and her baby will return home safely. Her worry for Guru Maa makes her call Nakul, but he does not pick it up. Anuj comforts her and goes to meet Choti Anu. Anupama leaves a message for Nakul and is sure the lady was Guru Maa.


Dimpy is prevented from meeting Kavya by Leela. Anupama says it is wrong. Anupama finds Guru Maa in a temple.


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