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Anupama written update

Anupama 7th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

Dimple’s mother tells Anupama that a mother supports her daughter and fights for her daughter, and Anupama does this for her daughter. If Anupama had not supported Dimpy, she doesn’t know what would have happened to her; Anupama not only accepted Dimpy as her daughter but fought for her and now she accepts her as her daughter-in-law with no dowry. Even they have daughters and know what it means to marry one’s daughter, Vanraj says.

Leela makes her usual sarcastic remarks while Mother reminds the Shahs to forgive Dimpy’s mistakes. She explains that Dimpy has a tendency to be blunt, but Leela interjects and adds that she can also be disrespectful towards others. She wonders if Leela will solely provide her unsolicited advice or extend it to Dimple as well. To maintain harmony, Mother urges Dimpy to treat everyone kindly and view her in-laws as her own family. However, before Mother can finish speaking, Leela interrupts once again. Samar assures her not to worry about Dimpy’s behaviour while Anupama requests Mother to perform the kanyadaan for Dimpy. Mother hopes that Samar and Dimpy’s love will be pure like Anuj and Anupama’s.

As the wedding rituals of Samar and Dimpy commence, Panditji requests for the mother of the bride to wash the groom’s feet. However, Samar kindly declines, stating that he would prefer not to have an elder touch his feet. Leela questions why he is hesitant, to which Samar explains that they can perform the ritual without an elder touching a younger one’s feet. With that, Dimpy’s mother takes over and completes the ritual while Panditji continues with his mantras. As Anupama witnesses this, it reminds her of her own wedding with Anuj. Dolly then proceeds with tying the gathbandhan as directed by Panditji. Soon after, it is time for the bride’s parents to perform kanyadaan at which point Maaya smiles at the thought of marrying Anuj. As “Mainu Teri Hogaiyaa” plays in the background, Kavya coughs and Vanraj offers her some water. The couple then finishes their pheras and the groom adorns his bride with a mangalsutra and applies sindoor on her hairline. These moments trigger even more memories for Anupama about her marriage with Anuj. Finally, Panditji officially declares them as

The advice Anupama gives them is that they are one of two people before and that they should not forget their relationship. They take Hasmukh’s blessings who bless to be happy always. Leela blesses to be happy and advises Leela not to fight and listen only to her grand MIL. Bhavesh and Kanta bless them next.

After receiving Vanraj’s blessings, Samar is reminded of his mother and how he used to envy her, but now he sees it as his greatest quality. Following this, Kinjal and Toshu also bless the newlyweds. Then, Ankush advises Anupama to use her own relationship with Vanraj as a model instead of following advice from strangers. Barkha questions if she is considered a stranger, causing thoughts of potential conflict within the Shah family. Seeking Anuj’s blessings next, he shares a poem emphasizing the importance of communication and emotional support in a relationship. Finally, Anupama embraces the couple and announces their official marriage.

According to Toshu, it’s time to party. Dimpy’s mother announces her intention to leave. Anupama reminds her to perform the bidaayi ritual before leaving. Vanraj questions how she can depart without attending her daughter’s wedding feast. Dimpy’s mother explains that she came without informing her husband and must return home before he arrives. Dimpy embraces her with emotion and asks if she can’t convince her father to forgive them. Her mother reveals that he is stubborn but will soften once Dimpy’s baby is born. Samar advises against discussing the baby right now. Kinjal and Toshu tease that he won’t be able to stop what is meant to happen. Dimpy’s mother departs, leaving Vanraj to console his teary-eyed wife and remind her of the joy of seeing her mother unexpectedly.

Anupama anxiously awaits by the door. Kavya inquired about the reason. Anupama explains that she had invited Gurumaa for the wedding, but doubts she will attend. However, much to her delight, gurumaa arrives with Nakul. Anupama joyfully proclaims her arrival. All eyes turn towards Gurumaa. Leela wonders if she is a television actress, while Dolly reveals that she is a renowned classical dancer named Malti Devi. Anupama respectfully greets Gurumaa and invites her inside. Anuj notices Gurumaa stepping on a nail and instinctively shields her foot with his hand. They share a special moment of connection.


Anupama is given the responsibility of America’s gurukul by Gurumaa. Nakul feels jealous and says that this is unfair.

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