Anupama 20th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Anupama Earns Big in America and Aadhya Faces Danger

Anupama written update

Anupama 20th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj offers his apologies to Shruti, expressing regret for hurting her. He admits he is unsure of how to put an end to her pain. In response, Shruti questions the concept of right and wrong, wondering who is at fault. She declares her intention to distance herself from him, Aadhya, and their home, even if he were to ask her to stay. Anupama informs Yashdeep about the large sum of money involved. Yashdeep, being an army man, takes his team with him and declares that the profits from the restaurant will be shared among all when it becomes successful again.

Incentives and salaries are being given to everyone, and Vikram said you would receive an incentive. He says you don’t just get the money but also the relationships. She recalls when she came there and told Yashdeep that this was her first big earning in America. Yashdeep says I am with you, Anupama ji. He tells her how to use this money. He says it is yours. He says it doesn’t matter to him what Pakhi feels for him, whether she remains his fan. He tells Dimpy that he loves her only. Dimpy looks at him in surprise.

Toshu informs Kinjal about Anuj’s offer. Kinjal says Anuj and Mummy have complicated relations and asks him not to do the job there. Toshu says their relationship is over, and he won’t do the job if he gets a good offer. Then, she tells him he is no longer related to Anuj and asks him not to complicate their lives.

Toshu says Mummy and Anuj are like sky and earth. She wears handloom sarees and is a chef, while Anuj is The Anuj Kapadia and has become more classy than ever before and rich as well. He says he must also have a girlfriend. Mummy looks more beautiful in handloom sarees as well, and Anuj married Mummy six years ago. She says some love stories never end. Toshu said he wouldn’t turn down an opportunity and was not foolish.

Titu confesses his love for Dimpy, knowing that she reciprocates his feelings. He urges her not to feel obligated to sacrifice their love. Titu explains that he has bottled his emotions and struggles to avoid complicating her life. Despite initially promising to remain friends, he admits he can no longer handle their relationship. He expresses disappointment that Dimpy has only seen the loving side of him and not the side that can get angry. He questions if she sees him as a mere gift to be given away or as a human being with genuine feelings. Titu also mentions Pakhi, wondering if Dimpy can handle seeing him with someone else when he is still in love with her. In response, Dimpy shouts that she does not share his feelings and leaves. Titu realizes that he fell in love with her pure-heartedness but understands that she does not want to neglect her responsibilities for the sake of their relationship.

Shruti eats chocolate and coughs. Anuj tells her he can’t leave her alone. Shruti says I was alone when I was with you. Anuj says you didn’t leave her when she was in trouble, so I can’t leave you alone. She says her kids used to talk about disco. Yashdeep thinks they will go on friends’ dates to the disco. Anupama says she understands.

Anuj urges Shruti to postpone the decision, reminding her she cannot make any hasty decisions. Shruti recalls how she has expressed her love to Anuj in the past, only to be met with silence and hurt. She acknowledges that the issue is not that he doesn’t love her but rather because of Anupama’s interference. Now, there is nothing she can do about it. She believes that Aadhya will forgive her mother and no longer need her. Meanwhile, Anupama expresses gratitude for earning money in dollars and prays for the happiness of her loved ones – baa-babu ji, Yashdeep-Beeji, Anuj, Aadhya, and Shruti. Her ultimate wish is to see them all happy.

Anuj finds Aadhya missing. He informs Anupama. Vanraj asks Babu ji to go to America with him. Aadhya is sitting on a bench when a goon attacks her. Aadhya shouts Mummy. Anupama beats the guy, asking why he came near her daughter. Aadhya hugs her and tears.

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