Main Hoon Saath Tere 20th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman Saves Brij Bhushan, Kian’s New Job

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 20th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Sadhu arranges Aryaman’s dance needs. Janvi agrees. Sadhu calls Raina and informs her that the trainee will perform the Dhanuchi dance, as she requested. Aryaman believes it will be game over for him once Brij Bhushan sees him do the Dhanuchi dance. Aryaman agrees to eat her share of the tiffin since he won’t have time to eat after this. After tasting the food, Aryaman praises the food and takes Janvi’s Dhanuchi dance costume.

Prince threatens to fire Janvi if Kian doesn’t listen to him, and Kian recalls his promise to be the best cricketer in the academy. When Kian discovers that Janvi will lose her job due to him, he sets out to find work to help her. He runs into Pushkar as he asks around in the neighborhood.

Pushkar apologizes to Kian for ruining his Mother’s Day with Janvi and asks what Kian needs. Kian explains that he needs a job to help Janvi, and Pushkar agrees to find him work. Pushkar believes Kian can help him learn more about Kian’s father. In the meantime, Aryaman is determined to find out who attacked Brij Bhushan and if Janvi is involved. Janvi thanks Aryaman for all his help.

After performing the Dhanuchi dance, Aryaman spots Brij Bhushan, arriving at the Sangeet with Dadaji. As the shooter is also present, Aryaman realizes Brij Bhushan is in danger. He spots the shooter attempting to shoot Brij Bhushan but manages to stop him. Aryaman manages to escape the shooter.

Reva tries to stop Pushkar, but he insists Kian is doing it voluntarily. While Kian is busy, Pushkar enters Janvi’s house to find information about Kian’s father and leaves.

Kian washes Pushkar’s scooter when Janvi sees him and asks him what he’s doing. As Kian explained to Janvi, Pushkar promised to inform everyone in the neighborhood that Kian would get work if he cleaned the scooter well. When Janvi asks Kian why he’s doing this, he says he doesn’t want her to lose her job. Prince threatens to fire Kian if he doesn’t teach him well in cricket, and Janvi assures Kian that nothing will happen to her job. She asks where Pushkar is.

Brij Bhushan raises his hand to Aryaman, but Dadaji stops him. Seeing Aryaman running around, Sadhu apologizes to Brij Bhushan, explaining that Aryaman is a trainee.

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