Main Hoon Saath Tere 12th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman’s Painful Past and Janvi’s Courage

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 12th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Muralidhar asks Aryaman what Brij Bhushan has said about him. He remembers an incident from 12 years ago when he was arrested for possessing cocaine, but Brij Bhushan got him out on bail.

Brij Bhushan did not listen to Aryaman’s explanations that he was innocent. He brought Aryaman home, but he decided to leave for Australia because of the damage to the family’s reputation. Brij Bhushan remained firm, saying that from that day forward, he would treat Aryaman like a stranger.

During that party, Brij Bhushan swore never to wear the traditional Pagdi again. Aryaman regrets going to the party. Muralidhar comforts Aryaman, telling him he knows Aryaman has never done drugs, even now. Aryaman vows to hunt down and punish Brij Bhushan’s attackers. Janvi takes care of Kian, expressing her love and concern. Kian appreciates Janvi and calls her an all-rounder. Janvi wonders if she is doing an excellent job as a mother.

Ujwala scolds Raina for trying to turn Brij Bhushan against Aryaman, questioning whether Raina cares for her brother. Suhasini and Raina remind Ujwala that Aryaman is their stepbrother. She suggests Ujwala get a pet instead of showing motherly love to Aryaman. Raina criticizes Suyesh’s words and resigns from the job, believing Brij Bhushan will choose Aryaman.

When Dadaji burns the papers, he remarks about Suyesh’s actions and reminds him of his contribution to the family’s success. Ujwala thanks Dadaji for resolving the issue. In response to Dadaji’s question, Ujwala informs him that Aryaman is a trainee at the hotel, searching for those who attacked Brij Bhushan. Dadaji wishes Aryaman success.


Goons capture Janvi when she tries to fight them. Kian sees everything and shouts leave her alone. A goon interrogates Janvi about what she saw when Brijbhushan was shot. She throws red chilli powder in one of the goon’s eyes and tries to escape, but she gets hit on the head from behind and faints. Aryaman walks inside the room as one of the goons is about to stab her with a knife.

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