Main Hoon Saath Tere 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Janvi stands at a designated spot, taking note of the markings on the ground created by Kian. Curious, she inquires about their purpose. Kian responds that he wishes to make amends, hence his actions. With the flick of a switch, petals cascade down on Janvi as Kian asks for her forgiveness. Expressing her concerns, Janvi questions if Kian has ever considered her feelings and how she would cope with any harm that may occur to her. Kian relates a sentiment similar to his uncle’s before remarking on it. As they tend to each other’s wounds, Ritu arrives and apologises to Janvi and Kian. Understandingly, Janvi asks Ritu to let go of any lingering issues.

As the servant prepares to deliver food to Raina’s room, Ujwala and Suyesh insist that it is unnecessary since Aryaman has returned home, and they will all eat together. Overhearing this, Raina asks Abhay to play the Dhol, which he happily does. The two siblings approach Ujwala and Suyesh, who question why Abhay plays the Dhol. Raina explains that she asked him to play to celebrate Aryaman’s return home. She also reminds them of how Aryaman’s actions caused damage to their family’s reputation. Just then, Aryaman and Dadaji enter the room.

Aryaman sees Ujwala’s dishes and praises them. Ujwala asks Aryaman what he is doing in Australia these days. Raina says he is enjoying their father’s money. Aryaman gives an example and says he doesn’t mind her words and comments on them. Brij Bhushan joins everyone at the dining table.

Ujwala announces that she has planned a party for tomorrow to celebrate Aryaman’s return home. Brij Bhushan suggests having the party during the day since Aryaman will leave tomorrow night. While Janvi overhears Kian saying “KKG’ in his sleep and wonders about it, Ritu clarifies that it is the name of the cricket equipment she purchased. Ritu reassures Janvi that she is doing her best for Kian and urges her not to overthink things. However, Janvi expresses her concerns about not being able to get Kian into a good school and comments on it.

Instead of “Congratulations to Aryaman”, Raina changes the welcome board to “Congratulations to Prince”. Raina says the function is being held because Prince has been selected for the cricket academy. Abhay asks Raina who will manage the kids. Raina says the hotel people will handle it. Janvi asked the receptionist if Brij Bhushan was available today. The receptionist says he is too busy.

Ritu inquires why Janvi wishes to see Brij Bhushan. Janvi expresses her desire to approach him for an opportunity for Kian, a stronger player than Prince, who was selected without a trial. The hotel manager then informs Ritu that she must accompany the children to Brij Bhushan’s residence for a gathering. Ritu fabricates an explanation and suggests that Janvi attend instead. She also adds that Janvi could take the chance to speak with Brij Bhushan there. Agreeing with Ritu, Janvi informs the hotel manager of her willingness to go. The hotel manager gives his consent.

As Aryaman has a job at a big multinational company, Ujwala asks him to go and show Brij Bhushan. Aryaman hopes he can get five minutes of his father’s time. Janvi comes to the party and hopes she can get five minutes of Brij Bhushan.

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