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Angad, peeping from the window, believes Sahiba has finally decided to divorce him. She tells the lawyer that she has made this decision after much thought. Sahiba receives a file from the lawyer. Angad assumes the file must contain divorce documents. Watchman asks Angad to remove his car from the parking lot reserved for lawyers and takes him along. She shows Sahiba paintings made by her father and asks her to draw them on the front wall. Sahiba agrees. The lawyer says Sahiba’s professor is very confident about her.

As Keerat jogs the park, her mind wanders to Veer’s insults. Lost in thought, she catches Garry’s attention, who quickly runs after her. He saves her from a bike and inquires about what’s been bothering her. Overcome with emotion, Keerat embraces him and wonders why everything seems wrong for her. Garry assures her that he will always be there as a friend. As they separate, Garry teasingly points out that they have been walking together for over an hour, and people might start assuming he is following her. Keerat sarcastically questions his reason for following her. To lighten the mood, Garry suggests they grab some parathas from a nearby shop.

Angad returns and peeps into the lawyer’s room again via the window. Sahiba gives her a list of items and says she wants to finish this before a wedding in her house. The lawyer says she will do her best, and Sahiba handles the rest. When Sahiba finally divorces him, Angad feels disheartened, thinking she tried to save their marriage at home.

Jasleen walks to Seerat and says everyone wants her to leave the Brar mansion. Seerat is shocked and asks why she can say that. As a result of her divorce from Garry, Jasleen doesn’t want Seerat to cause a rift between Angad and Sahiba and to cause trouble for Veer and Keerat. Santosh has agreed with her and is coming to pick her up tomorrow, so Seerat will only have one night in Brar mansion. Seerat becomes tense.

In recalling Sahiba’s decision to divorce him, Angad drinks heavily. Sach Keh Raha Hai Deewana…song plays in the background. Sahiba hears a reminder on her mobile about her wedding anniversary and thinks she wants to wish Angad, but she doesn’t know they will grow so far apart. Though Angad believes Sahiba has betrayed him, he keeps drinking and acts innocently.

Garry observes Keerat enjoying her paranthas with a smile on his face. He comments that she truly appreciates good food, unlike the girls he has dated. Remembering how supportive he has been, Keerat asks Garry why he cares for her so much. Without hesitation, Garry reveals that he has developed feelings for her and playfully adds that she is also his friend now. They both share a laugh before Keerat asks for more paranthas. Meanwhile, Sasha notices their interaction and sends a picture of them to Veer. Upon seeing the photo, Veer becomes angry and resorts to drinking. Just then, Sahiba returns home and is met by Inder, Jasleen, and Japjot, who express their disappointment in her actions and wish she had at least informed them about her plans. Japjot suggests that even if Sahiba hadn’t told them about Angad, she could have still confided in them about her conflicts with him. Sahiba can’t help but wonder how they will react if they discover the reasons behind her problems with Angad.


When Sahiba asks where Angad is taking her, Angad says she promised not to question him. She says no and gets into the car. He blindfolds her and says he wants to surprise her.

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