Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Sahiba receives a parcel from an unknown person containing gifts and a note from Angad addressing her by her pet name “billi” (cat). The note praises her determination and encourages her to never give up easily. Angad walks in and notices the parcel. He receives a call from his lawyer Jethania, who informs him that Akaal’s bail hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. Angad credits Jethania for arranging the hearing so soon, but the lawyer clarifies that the judge himself preponed the hearing.

Sahiba overhears the conversation and prays for Akaal’s release from jail. Angad rebukes her, saying she has no right to pray for his Daarji (grandfather). Sahiba defends herself, stating that she has been taking care of him for a long time and questions Angad if he thinks she is capable of harming his Daarji. However, Sahiba fails to convince him.

Meanwhile, Garry reveals to Jasleen that he is the mastermind behind the drama to take revenge on Sahiba. Jasleen expresses concern about Akaal being in jail due to Garry’s plan and warns him to focus on the business instead. Garry justifies his actions, claiming he did it for the sake of the business, and believes Sahiba will go to jail for filing a fake case.

The next day, the court hearing begins, and the judge mentions that two people tried to influence him to seek sympathy for Akaal. Angad wonders who the other person might be. The judge reveals that Sahiba visited his house illegally, pleading for Akaal’s release and offering to take his place in jail. Consequently, the judge grants bail to Akaal upon Sahiba’s request and orders a proper investigation, promising to follow up on the case. Akaal returns home, and Japjyoth emotionally embraces him, expressing her love and support.

Sahiba apologizes to Akaal for the difficulties he endured and earnestly pleads with him to trust that she never filed the complaint. However, Akaal becomes furious and accuses Sahiba of being a fraud. He expresses his disappointment in her and claims she is unfit to be a Brar daughter-in-law. Despite his anger, he refrains from kicking her out of the house to avoid public speculation about their relationship. Inder intervenes, suggesting they can kick Sahiba out within five minutes and urges Angad to sign divorce papers to free himself from Sahiba’s “clutch.”


Sahiba introduces a girl as a daughter of the house, leaving the Brar family puzzled. The girl claims her father stays in this house, leading Sahiba to say he will reveal his identity. Garry looks tensed as the drama unfolds.


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