Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st May 2023 Written Update


Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st May 2023 on Worldofentertainment.in

Hansraj notices Sahiba walking from Angad’s room. He informs senior Brars and taunts Sahiba. Manveer and Inder follow. Hansraj taunts Manveer next. Akaal asks Hansraj if he and Prabjyoth live in different rooms. Hansraj shuts his mouth.

Gurleen says Sahiba shifted to Angad’s room on an auspicious day. Japjyoth says Inder and Manveer fight all year and unite to wish their son. Sahiba asks what is special today. Veer asks if she doesn’t know that today is Angad’s birthday. As today is also their parents’ birthday, Inder and Manveer wish Angad a happy birthday and ask him to wish them back.

As Angad hugs them, the whole family congratulates him. Veer asks Sahiba to do the same. Angad misses Garry. Inder says Angad misses his other brother. He asks him not to talk about it now. Jasleen thinks she doesn’t know if Angad will ever forgive Garry. Japjyoth asks Sahiba to take care of the birthday arrangements. Sahiba agrees. Angad walks towards his room when Jasleen asks him to forgive Garry. Angad rejects her request.

Angad gets ready and heads towards the office when he notices Seerat waiting for a bus and stops the car. When Seerat says she is going to her shop, Angad insists on dropping her off. At first, Seerat refuses but eventually gets into his car and asks if he is forgiven for what she did with him. Seerat describes her ordeal, and how she is facing humiliation from her family and neighbours. Angad drops her at the shop, where Sahiba is busy painting pots when she walks in.

Sahiba happily hugs her and sends Kulcha to get tea. She notices Seerat is sad and asks what happened. Seerat says Angad dropped her off here. Sahiba asks if he said anything. Seerat says no and that Sahiba is an artist. Seerat thinks if she had known before, she would have also wished Angad’s birthday. Sahiba teaches Seerat to paint and says she will go home early as it’s Angad’s birthday today.

Angad’s favourite colour is white, so Sahiba decorates the house with white flowers. Manveer scolds her for choosing a white theme instead. Gurleen likes the decoration. Manveer continues to yell at Sahiba. Sahiba assures her that Angad will love it. Gurleen stops Veer and asks where he has been. Then Prabjyoth taunts Sahiba that she spent a night in Angad’s room and understood his likes and dislikes so soon. Gurleen praises Sahiba’s decoration. Angad reaches the shop.

Angad recalls Garry’s betrayal. Garry asks Angad for forgiveness. Angad calls security. Garry walks away frowning.

Angad suggests that Garry and Seerat be married. Sahiba says his sister won’t pay for his arrogance. Seerat asks Angad to promise to support her whenever necessary.

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