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Ayaan is still my husband, our divorce didn’t happen, so I have the right to apply the ointment to him. Tanu scolds Faltu at the beginning of the episode. As she laughs, she says, “Come on, there’s a big incident that happened, what will people think?” Let me give you some time, I’m here to help, and you’ll be married in a few days, no one will stop you.”

Faltu gets upset when she says I’m going to apply it. Ayaan says okay, I’ll do that. She makes Faltu go away. Tanu says I’m leaving for Mumbai tomorrow, I’m going to see the market then go back home, get Faltu and her family to Mumbai. Charan wants Janardhan to meet Charan and sort things out. She acts sweet and leaves.

She says she has a right to you, call her. Savita doesn’t eat food. She says Ayaan got hurt, he didn’t call me. Dadi says Ayaan can tell you everything, his mum didn’t call. Then Ayaan calls Savita. Dadi asks if you’re all right. Ayaan says I’m hurt, Faltu applied the ointment, don’t worry, Mom would cry. Savita says no, I won’t cry. She scolds him.

Ayaan says there was no option, Faltu and two kids were caught in the fire. The only option is to leave that girl and come. Faltu says she will be worried. He says she is angry, it’s fine, she’ll know she can’t get a better bahu like you. You have always supported me, Faltu says I will reunite you with your family. It’s enough, I don’t want to stress you out. I’ll convince the family if they don’t agree, then we can stay separate. She says you won’t need to leave the house, I won’t allow it. I’m going to make them my fans.

Ayaan says they will agree, but we need to find out who is doing this to hurt you. Someone doesn’t want us together. Faltu says it’s Tanisha. He says I feel the same way. Tanisha tells Kanika everything on the phone. She says I tried to kill her, but I’m not a murderer. Kanika says you need to calm down, everyone can hear you. Tanu says he wants Ayaan at all costs.

Tanu says I’ll remove Faltu from Ayaan’s life. He’s just mine. I’m getting Faltu’s family to Mumbai, just welcome them well, Ayaan and I will not divorce, and Faltu and Ayaan will not get married.

I took Pappi’s name so Tanu wouldn’t suspect me. Ayaan says he can’t believe this, how could Tanisha do this, she’s not the one I know. As she says, love can make a person good or bad, she loves you, but she didn’t get you, but she’s trying her best to get you; we need proof against her, once her truth is revealed, everyone will accept us easily. If our doubt is wrong, he says, we will find another way to convince your family, you will never be able to escape them.

Charan calls out to Jamuna in the morning and says I have the puja items. Faltu says Mum isn’t here, she’d be crying for Bhaisa, so I’ll keep the puja items, but I’m sad that the anniversary of his death coincides with my birthday. When Jamuna cries out, Charan and Faltu rush to her house. They see the decorations and wish her well.

Everyone comes to surprise Faltu. Faltu says it’s Bhaisa’s… Jamuna says it’s your birthday. She does Faltu’s aarti. She says I’m going to celebrate your birthday from now on, and Ayaan told me not to repeat my mistake, since once you get married, we won’t get this chance again. Ayaan brings the cake to her.

We made the cake together because Ayaan gave me the idea. Faltu cries. Ayaan consoles her. She cuts the cake. She wishes for Ayaan’s support forever. He promises to be with her. She feeds the cake to everyone. Charan blesses them for being happy together. He says that I permit your relationship.

Lajjo says that it is the sweets Kaki gave her son on his birthday. Angoori says no. Faltu smiles. I want you all to come with me to Mumbai, meet my parents, and talk to them. Ayaan says he will give a gift to Faltu. Charan asks if it’s okay.

My parents are not happy for us, but they will know that I can’t stay happy with any other girl, so trust me, I won’t ruin your trust. Ayaan says we’ll go there and find out. We’ll go, Angoori says. Ratan says yes. Charan says fine, we’ll go. Ayaan says I’ll make Faltu happy and fulfill her dreams, and I’ll make her a big cricketer. Faltu worries.


Your dad agreed to Faltu and your relationship. Ayaan says I love you Maa. Kanika asks Janardhan to insult Faltu’s family.

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