Faltu 28th December 2022 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

In the episode, Ayaan asks his aide to stay with him and stay in touch with the police. Pappi pushes Faltu. He asks the goons to catch her. The goon attacks Faltu. Ayaan arrives and saves her. Kanika says it’s wrong to leave you in the mandap if Ayaan doesn’t come. Sumitra and Sid smile at Tanisha. Kanika says I can’t see Kanika’s condition. She asks Sid to call Ayaan.

Sid says he is disconnecting my calls, I can see them worried, Ayaan is doing well, so sorry aunty, I wish I could do something for you, Tanisha is my best friend, I can’t see her crying, I want to marry… Tanisha says nothing bad will happen, Ayaan will come on time.

Pappi looks on as Ayaan fights the goons. He asks Faltu if she isn’t happy to see him there. She says no, you shouldn’t have left the marriage in the middle. They argue. She falls into his arms. It’s a promise that I won’t let Tanisha’s respect be stained if Ayaan doesn’t come, says Sumitra. If Ayaan doesn’t come, then Sid will sit in the mandap with Tanisha, Sid will marry Tanisha.

Kanika thinks. Sumitra and Sid act and recall Janardhan’s words. Ayaan and Faltu argue and fight with the goons. He says I sent a man to watch you. He says you are more imp than me. Pappi shoots in the air. She says I can’t take help from you. Why did you come?

Ayaan scolds Pappi. Jamuna and Lajwanti get angry and argue with Angoori. Angoori supports Pappi. She taunts Jamuna. She says thank god we got rescued. Ratan says he’s inviting the villagers.

He warns Charan. Faltu threatens Pappi. Pappi says so much anger towards this guy. He asks the goons to beat Ayaan. She says no, I fold my hands, you got me, leave him. He asks if that is possible.

Pappi is scolded by Ayaan. The goons tie him up. Ratan says I am the head of the family and won’t tolerate anything wrong. He leaves. Pratap says they will leave for Mumbai. Charan cries. Pratap encourages him.

Ayaan argues with Pappi. He asks Faltu why she became mad for you, that she is ready to give her life for you. Faltu says you marry me, leave Ayaan. She says leave him, and I will marry him. Pappi says that marriage will happen in front of him, and I will take revenge on him. Ayaan says that you can’t lose. Don’t worry about me. Pappi scares them.

In the mandap, Pappi and Faltu sit waiting for the wedding to begin. Ayaan gets angry and pushes the goons away. He beats the goons. Pappi threatens to shoot them.


Faltu cries for Ayaan after Pappi attacks him. Ayaan faints after Pappi attacks him.

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