Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2023 Written Episode

Ranbir asks Prachi if she can tell her name. Prachi is quiet. Ranbir asks if she has gone mad, and goes. Prachi asks if he is Ranbir and says he can’t be Ranbir.

On the one hand, she doesn’t want him to see her or feel her, and on the other hand, she wants to run to him and hug him, but then she remembers what he said and what he did to her.

She asks why this is happening to me and says she doesn’t understand, she doesn’t know where life has led her, she can’t see a way out.

Damini surprises Aryan. Aryan tells her that she is not a ghost or witch. Pallavi tells Damini that Pandit ji will tell her what to do. Damini says yes.

Damini asks Aryan to stop all this. Aryan says you are acting sweet and came here. Pallavi says she is good at heart and came to help me in the kitchen. She asks if you came to know what we make. She leaves.

Aryan says you have proved yourself to be a good girl, so I will prove myself to be a good guy. She asks him to mend his ways. He says you have a boyfriend; either you or your boyfriend should tell. Damini says if I don’t refuse, then what?

There will be rumours that I have married a doctor. He says your parents will save lakhs of rupees. Ranbir comes and gives Khushi a handkerchief. Khushi asks about the clothes. Ranbir says I put them there.

He gets a call and goes to attend it. Khushi checks the price tag and keeps the dress. She says the door was locked, so she opens it. Ranbir selects the dress for Khushi.

As Khushi leaves, Ranbir gets Kaya’s call and says he is still here. Prachi comes out and asks Khushi if she chose this saree.

Prachi asks who Shiv is. Khushi responds you both are like Shiv and Parvati to me.

Pallavi says they will be getting married on Sunday and makes Damini wear the ring. Dida tells them Sunday is a good mahurat. They all get excited.

Aryan gets upset. Damini’s father says he will invite her mother. Pandit ji tells them that the mahurat is not on Sunday.

Dida tells them her order will be delivered on Sunday. Shahana calls Aryan and gets teary eyes.

Kaya asks the salesman to show her the collection. She tells him she doesn’t want to buy and asks if she will ask him to buy sarees for his mom and dad. Ranbir tells him to ask and says he wants two sarees for them.

Ranbir asks the salesman to pack the dress he bought for Khushi. Salesguy and girl talk about how they don’t know he manages that (arrogant) woman. Prachi tells Khushi they will select a dress now for her.

Khushi says she doesn’t want the dress, but Prachi convinces her. Khushi asks her to see Shiv. Prachi asks how he looks. Khushi says cute. She comes to the front counter and sees the dress, and says she wants it.

Prachi asks how he looks. Salesgirl says cute, and Prachi says cute. Ranbir is searching for sarees for Dida and Pallavi when Prachi arrives.

In the beginning, Ranbir thought they would ridicule him, but then he thought they would love him for spending so much. Prachi doesn’t see Ranbir and goes to see the manager. Ranbir sees the doctor there, who has lied to him. He follows her and collides with Prachi, who falls at the other end. He says sorry and leaves without seeing her.

There is another lady who tells her that she will tell her daughter that she met her English teacher. Prachi sees Ranbir. She takes the lady to the side and tells her sorry for hiding her.

She tells her husband that they no longer live together. The lady says she understands, it happens in love. Prachi says she doesn’t love him but has anger toward him.

As Khushi tells Prachi that Shiv chose this dress for me, she asks if you don’t want me to get happy by doing something for my daughter. Khushi says you got me, I am Khushi.

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