Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2023 Written Update

Written episode of Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in.

Pallavi blames herself for not understanding what her son wants and tells herself that she is a bad mother at the beginning of the episode. Dida says you have always tried to save Ranbir from pain and troubles, and because you loved Rhea so much, you could not see her bad deeds. Ranbir will return home, she says. Pallavi says Ranbir came in my dream and said he would return soon. She says I would like him to return soon.

Vikram assures Pallavi that Ranbir will soon come back and suggests that he place a call to him. Pallavi reminds him of their prior agreement not to bother him and requests they wait for his call. However, Vikram dismisses her concern and goes to fetch his mobile phone. He insists that there is nothing more precious than the right of a mother. Pallavi then comments on how much he must be missing them, their house, and family. Dida adds that she believes he loves Prachi deeply and might possibly be close to her.

Akshay came to Mihika and requested her to join him. When Ranbir was on his way to the dining table, he asked Vishaka if she wanted a banana, and then inquired if she needed help to peel it. Prachi was asked by Ranbir to hand him a spoon, but unfortunately, it fell. Both of them bent down to get it and looked at each other as the song ‘Main Kis Manzil Ka Rahi Hun’ played in the background. Vishaka noticed onion in the food and proclaimed that she doesn’t eat onions. Prachi and Ranbir got back up while Manpreet brought food for Vishaka without onions. At this point, Vikram called out for Ranbir who was unaware since he didn’t pick up the call; nonetheless, Pallavi motioned for him not answer. Vikram then said they can contact him later.

Akshay informs Mihika that he spoke to her friend Kritika, who told him everything. She says now I know everything. Mihika says what? Akshay says why did your friend Kritika not know about Ranbir? Mihika gets upset and asks if he is spying on her and throws the things at him. Akshay breaks the vase and says even I know how to throw things. He asks her to say that Ranbir and her relationship is fake. Mihika replies that Prachi and your relationship is fake as well.

Mihika insists that my talk regarding Prachi and Akshay’s marriage was purely nonsense. She claims to be aware of its fact, that it was a feeble, false and fabricated affair. Akshay moved towards slapping her, however Ranbir obstructed him by snatching his hand. Akshay requested him not to come in between a brother and sister’s argument. Ranbir stated that whichever matter it is, striking on a girl is incorrect and asked for his pardon. Mihika commanded Ranbir to leave the place as it was their personal issue and also shouted at him to go away. Ashok intervened then and suggested both of them should take some pills for the sake of peace.

Ranbir enters the room, seething with anger. He tells himself that he doesn’t have to be subjected to such treatment forever and shouldn’t meddle in their family matters. Suddenly, a call comes and it further upsets him as Rhea and Aaliya’s words echo in his mind. Clutching his ears, he remembers breaking off the wedding with Rhea. Prachi appears and takes his hand asking if he is okay. However he scolds her for not caring about others before walking away wishing he had never met her.

Ashok asks them if they need medicine? Akshay replies that I don’t need it, give it to Mihika, it’s time for her to get medicine. Mihika leaves. Ashok reminds Akshay that managing her was difficult. Akshay says she is lying about being in a relationship with Ranbir. He asks how you could forget her past. Ashok says I don’t want to remember that painful past. Vishaka asks if everything is going well there.

She says we need to stop this right away, otherwise destruction will happen. Akshay tells her he talked to Kritika and she did not know about Ranbir. Ashok says you must not tell anyone, he has dealt with it all very hard, and he can’t bear it any longer. Ashok and Akshay ask what? Vishaka says if the relation is fake, there will be problems. She says Mihika believes in customs, and she won’t do the rituals if it is fake. Vishaka says she will show you directly.

Everyone was seated at the dining table and Manpreet asked Ashok if all was well. He replied in the affirmative, while Abhay and others hoped Mihika was fine. Vishaka requested them to perform aarti and they did so. She then reminded Ranbir that they had done this the previous day and suggested he fill Mihika’s maang with kumkum to which he reacted by saying he couldn’t do it just like that in view of their relationship, later on being married. Vishaka reprimanded him for such an attitude considering she had kids his age. Apologetically, Ranbir refused and Akshay asked why. He asked Mihika what is his problem but when she inquired further, he became shocked.


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