Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Worldofentertainent.in

Inder urges Angad to sign the divorce papers and free himself from the forced relationship with Sahiba. Sahiba refuses to sign as it would imply accepting that she had filed a case against Akaal. She asks Angad if he wants to support her and trust her. Angad picks up the papers but ultimately leaves them on the table and walks away, leaving the Brar family in shock and anger. Sahiba follows Angad to their room. Angad looks at Sahiba through a mirror. Sahiba shows him the gift box he had sent her and approaches him, but Angad walks away.

Akaal assembles the family and announces that Sahiba has forfeited her right to be a Brar daughter-in-law. He warns Seerat that any connection with Sahiba could lead to her losing her rights as well. The family debates whether to keep Sahiba or not, considering the public’s perception. Sahiba offers to leave the house if they wish. Akaal accuses Sahiba of betraying their trust and insists that she should have sought their support in catching the real culprit. The family discusses whether Sahiba should go back to the store room. Sahiba proposes that she will shift to the store room, prove her innocence, and if she fails, she will divorce Angad and leave the Brar house forever. She goes to her room to pack her clothes, and Angad hides her dupatta.

Seerat confronts Garry about stealing her jewelry, but he pushes her and escapes. Jasleen sees Garry and stops him. A jewelry box falls, and Angad checks it, finding more jewelry pieces in a bag. He questions Garry about carrying the store room jewelry. Jasleen lies, claiming that it’s her jewelry that Seerat asked her to keep in the locker. Garry leaves with the jewelry. Keerat informs Sahiba that she asked her IT friend to erase the ring from the culprit’s finger and found a tattoo in its place. Sahiba considers it a good clue to reach the real culprit soon.


Sahiba brings a girl and claims that she is a daughter of this house. Jasleen questions Sahiba about the girl’s relation to her. The girl reveals that she told her father stays in this house, and Sahiba declares that he will reveal his identity. Garry looks tensed.

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