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When Ajith hears Jasleen’s words, he decides it’s better to take Seerat from here since she didn’t get her husband’s love; after hearing Jasleen’s words, he thinks it’s best to get rid of Seerat. Jasleen tells Santosh he is right and that she did not get her daughters married here to be humiliated. She asks Seerat to go with them home since her parents are still strong enough to handle her.

Angad stops them and tells them Garry had left long ago, but Sahiba and he are there to take care of Sahiba; he has taken care of Seerat and will continue to do so. As Angad thanks them, he requests that Seerat be a part of their house. Manveer says her daughters are her daughters now and asks her not to take Seerat from there. Santosh and Ajith agree.

Sahiba looks at the gown Angad gifted her. Angad comes in after trying to propose to her. He says life is weird. Sahiba says they think something and something else happens. Angad says he wanted to say a lot, but he couldn’t. Sahiba says he can now. He also says she wanted to say something. Sahiba asks him to first. While picking up the gown, Sahiba feels severe pain. Angad instructs her to sit and goes to get her medicine.

She should not be bothered by Jasleen’s anger since she considers her as her dear one. Manveer walked to Seerat’s room and asked her not to feel alone in this house, she lost her son and broke down. She then blames Sahiba for all the problems and says after creating trouble in Seerat’s life, she should have been with her to support her, but she is missing; she promises to support Seerat always and says she always considered all 3 boys her own and loved them,

Inder was deeply saddened by Garry’s death, but Angad didn’t get along with Inder because he thought she didn’t love him much. She promises her again and walks away. Seerat looks at her white dress and thinks everyone thinks she is in deep sorrow, but why mourn for a relationship that broke up so long ago; all she wants now is Angad’s support.

In search of Sahiba’s ointment, Angad finds it. Sahiba says she got it and struggles to apply it. The Chupke se… song plays in the background while she sits and applies it. In the past, he hated seeing her around him, and Sahiba can’t believe that he is taking care of her.

It was once her enemy that Angad hated, but now he doesn’t. He offers her a painkiller. Seerat takes the medicine, but wonders why her headache isn’t subsiding. Sahiba requests Seerat to have something after 15 days. She refuses. Gurleen and Prabjyoth say she hasn’t eaten properly since Garry left. Angad comes in and offers her food, which she eats from him.

Angad’s gift dress reminds Sahiba of Angad’s loving words the next morning. She searches for her gown. Seerat holds it and remembers Angad treating Sahiba like a princess. She puts on the gown and uses Garry’s trimmer. In the past, Garry beat her when she touched his trimmer and she wondered what Garry would do now; Angad never came near her saying she was his younger brother’s wife, now she will enjoy the happiness that she had been deprived of when he was alive.


With her bag, Sahiba kisses Angad and says their togetherness was only for this moment. She returns the keys to Japjyoth and says she cannot fulfill the family’s responsibility. Japjyot asks what is the problem. Walking out of the house, Sahiba says she should ask Angad.

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