Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th April 2023 Written Update


A few in this house consider her to be their dear one, care for the family, and want her to do the same for the family. Japjyot and Akaal enter.

Saheba touches their feet and wishes them a happy Baisakhi. They also wish her a happy Baisakhi. Sahiba prepares the food. Veer assists her. Garry walks in and asks why she prepared food in earthen pot since their family is not poor, and they do not have food prepared in flea market utensils.

Having never been to a flea market, Sahiba says only thieves know what happens there. She prepared food in earthen pots, just as Baisakhi food is prepared in pure pots, and earthen pots taste better, everyone will enjoy it, but Garry should be careful since he will display his evil nature when eating from pure utensils.

Manveer asks why she is creating a drama when Angad doesn’t consider her a wife. Angad warns her not to use drama to impress them. Japjyot asks what wrong did Sahiba do, she is following tradition, her daughters and DILs prepare Baisakhi food according to tradition, and their family men prepare food at home.

He recalls that he and Jaspal prepared food last year. Japjyot recalls that Angad had accepted Sahiba as his wife after the post-wedding ritual. Japjyot is told that that doesn’t mean she can do anything Sahiba wants to; they won’t have Sahiba’s prepared food.

Japjyot stops Sahiba and says she saw Sahiba working hard in the kitchen and imagined herself preparing food for her family in earthen pots like that. Sahiba apologizes and tries to leave. Inder tells everyone that Sahiba did nothing wrong, so she and Akaal will eat Sahiba’s prepared food for sure. Akaal asks Sahiba to serve him sweet yellow rice first. Inder walks away.

They are served food by Sahiba. Gurleen praises how delicious the food is. Suri asks Sahiba to serve her food. Sahiba says she will eat after serving at the Gurdwara. Sahiba says if Angad needs more food, he can have it since she prepared enough. Angad fumes. Seeing all the recent drama, Keerat says she will never marry. Santosh teaches Keerat how to make sweet rice and asks her to learn cooking.

When Seerat approaches them, she asks Santosh to teach her cooking. Santosh says things can’t go back to normal. Seerat decides to visit the Gurdwara. Keerat taunts her for her sudden change of behaviour. Angad watches Sahiba drawing flower rangoli and singing a song. Garry is trying to provoke her against Sahiba as usual. He becomes tense when he hears Seerat’s call.

Angad asks him to pick up the call. Garry says it’s a spam call. Angad asks why he would receive a small call on a private number. Garry picks up the call. Seerat insists he visits the gurdwara. During their argument, Seerat warns Garry to visit his house and expose him. Garry agrees to meet her at the Gurdwara.

Seerat’s conversation is recorded, and Keerat calls Veer when Sahiba does not answer. Veer gets tensed, walks aside, and asks why she is calling him when his family is busy. Her nok jhok continues when she says she did not dream about it and asks him to give the phone to Sahiba. He says everyone will find out she called him. Veer denies having a girlfriend and leaves. Angad pulls Sahiba while she is carrying flowers and the flowers fall. Sahiba confronts him for his disrespect.

Akaal walks to Angad, gives him some moral gyaan, and orders him to perform gurdwara service with Sahiba.

In the living room, Sahiba drags Angad to her and says she will show him who provoked Seerat to elope. Angad asks what this drama is about. Sahiba collapses.

She asks Angad to feed water to Sahiba. He does. Sahiba opens his eyes and points at Garry.

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