Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd January 2024 Written Episode: Family Tensions and Kabaddi Anticipation Unfold


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Let the whole family know about Angad and Sahiba, as it has no longer been personal and has turned into a family matter. Angad warns her to return his list. Manveer stops Angad and tells Seerat to continue reading. Garry stops her and says he will tell her how they divorced. Seerat asks why he is interfering in her life when he already divorced her.

Let the family know how she divorced Garry. Seerat recalls getting Angad’s secret business file to get a divorce from Garry and thinks Brars might kick her back to Shimlapuri if they find out. Jasleen asks Garry what he wants to say. Garry asks Seerat why he keeps doing this even after divorcing him. Garry snatches the list from him and asks why she is interfering with Angad and Sahiba’s lives. Manveer asks what’s in there.

Garry ripped up a list of do’s and don’ts for Veer and Keerat’s wedding, which included some advice from Gurleen on making a list of must-dos rather than don’ts. Manveer questioned this action, to which Garry replied that he didn’t want to ruin any surprises for the happy couple. Jasleen then commented that Seerat seemed to have a negative mindset and was determined to destroy others’ relationships because she couldn’t maintain a stable one. Japjot reassured Jasleen that she shouldn’t take Seerat’s actions personally and instead focus on celebrating her sister’s happiness.

A photographer calls the entire family for a photo. Manveer, in her usual rude tone, asks Angad to tell her what is on the list since she doesn’t trust Garry and Seerat. Angad says whatever Garry said was true. Everyone walks away for a family photo. Sahiba thanks Garry for saving her and Angad’s secret. Santosh asks Seerat again to leave and not be a guest here anymore. She warns her not to tell her what to do and to let her make her own decisions.

He tells Keerat that he got many comments on their photo with his female fans saying they would break their hearts if he couldn’t marry them, and he already told Keerat that his female fans’ hearts would break if he didn’t marry them. Keerat asks when he said that to him. Veer asks who he told that to. Keerat thinks that if he didn’t tell her, he must have told Sasha.

One night, Sahiba approaches the window to close it and sees Garry gazing at a trophy. She walks over to him, and he quickly conceals it. Curiously, she inquires about what he is hiding and discovers it is a Kabbadi championship 2023 trophy. This evokes an emotional response from Garry as he recalls when Angad and he won the same trophy. He expresses his regret, believing that Angad will never forgive him. However, Sahiba encourages him not to lose hope. Unbeknownst to them, Angad overhears their conversation while on a call with Pam and becomes furious. He warns Garry to give up any hope of reconciliation and withdraws his support from Sahiba. Despite Sahiba’s attempts to intervene, Angad continues to vent his frustration towards them.

Angad accuses Garry of plotting something nefarious with Sahiba’s backing. Garry denies any wrongdoing, claiming it’s a misunderstanding. Angad insists that Garry is again conspiring against him, having gained Sahiba’s trust. He reminds Garry of a past incident where he pretended to attempt suicide from a cliff, suggesting he should follow through this time. Garry walks away as Angad angrily hits his hand against a pole. Sahiba intervenes, urging Angad to control his anger as it’s eroding his goodness. She realizes she needs to help Angad manage his anger before it leads to self-harm due to his bitterness.

The following day, during breakfast, Akaal announces to the family that, as per tradition, he has registered their family for Ludhiana’s annual kabaddi competition. The family is delighted to hear this news. Akaal then instructs the Brar boys to start preparing for the upcoming competition. Sahiba remembers how she approached Akaal and Japjot for help reconciling Angad and Garry through participation in the kabaddi match. Japjot asks how Sahiba learned about the game, and Sahiba reveals that Garry had informed her. Japjot, deeply affected by the partition of their country, expresses her desire to see her children reunited and pass away peacefully. Akaal advises her against discussing such matters and agrees to support Sahiba’s idea.

Returning from the flashback, Angad tells Akaal they should not have agreed to a match this year. Akaal emphasizes the importance of winning for their pride. Japjot reveals that Brars and Randhawa are organizing a friendly kabaddi match, and the proceeds go to charity. Angad declares that he would still contribute to charity even without a game. However, Akaal disagrees with him. Jasleen reminds them of a past incident where Garry was wrongly pinned down during a match, and Angad fiercely defended his brother, resulting in their victory that year.

Garry recalls that event. Manveer says she doesn’t forget him calling her an aaya and throwing money at her face. Inder says she doesn’t forget him calling her an aaya and throwing money on her face. Hansraj asks Veer if he will also take part. Jaspal says even his father will take part. Angad says he won’t participate but asks them not to force him.


Akaal informs the family that he is participating in Ludhiana’s kabaddi competition. Angad says he shouldn’t have agreed. Sahiba gets into the field. Garry gets pinned by opponents and begins bleeding. Sahiba gets into the field next.

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