Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 22nd April 2024 Written Episode: Family Secrets Unveiled

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 22nd April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Hemraj asks Naren to let him go. Mitesh kneels to take the blessings when he sees the papers, which worries Hemraj, who asks Naren to send Mitesh with one of their drivers as sending him on the bus with him is unsafe. During the conversation, Mitesh reassures Naren he will handle everything. Nandini enters the room after Naren informs her that Mitesh is leaving right now, which worries Nandini.

Nandini asks Mitesh to go safe and texts her as soon as he reaches her, as it is the first time Naren and his aunt are alone. Naren informs Chanchal he is already very late, so Chanchal agrees that he should leave without eating anything. She will ask Samta to pack some food when they leave so Hemraj can begin working immediately.

Deven and Kinjal were working on the decoration when Jalpa joined them in the room with Roopa. She immediately questioned Deven’s progress, and he replied that he was waiting for her instructions. Jalpa then asked Kinjal to leave, but she refused, stating that she was not a child anymore. Eventually, Deven and Kinjal left the room, and Jalpa sat on the bed with Roopa. As she picked up a long strand of hair, Jalpa wondered who it could have belonged to. She ruled out Ronak as he had just married, and Nandini had not even entered the room. Roopa then found another hair and handed it to Jalpa, mentioning that they were all in Upleta when Naren was alone in the room. This made Jalpa suspicious and determined to find out who had been there.

Ishwar asks Mehul if he gave the bill, to which Mehul replies that he has gone to Ahmadabad and will pay it upon his return. Ishwar says that someone would be working. Mehul asks him to have the medicine, but Ishwar replies he is not interested. Manri comes and asks Mehul to give the food to Ishwar. She asks if Mehul would also like to have something, but he says he just wants something to drink.

As Mehul sits beside Ishwar and asks him for something to eat, Ishwar replies, “How can I eat it when the farm has been sold?” Nandini saved the farm by selling her mother’s jewellery, the tree that served as Nandini’s stage, the well that served as a memorial for his sister, and the dowry that gave her life, then robbed her memories of it too. Hearing their conversation, Manri drops the glass, shocking both Mehul and Ishwar.

Naren asks Kinjal why there is no entry, so Jalpa informs him he has to give the money when Heta says it is for the young sister. Why is Jalpa so excited? She claims she supports Kinjal since she will get half the money. When Kinjal replies that she does not need any help, Jalpa goes out, and Naren gives one thousand when Kinjal says they do not even get toys,

When Chanchal asks Kinjal what she will do with them, she replies that since Bhabhi has now arrived, it will take a little while for the new member to come, and Naren takes out the money and hands it to Kinjal before entering with Nandini. After a while, all the family members join him, and he asks them if they will leave, but they refuse. He asks them to sit down, and Naren is shocked when they arrive in his room.

Hemraj asked for the farm as dowry. Mehul informs Manri that he will handle everything else. As she enters the room, Manri asks Mehul what she heard about dowry, and he answers that he has given the farm a dowry. As she sits on the bed, Manri is in disbelief, asking why he did it. She says he said they only wanted twenty-five hundred dollars worth of gold and that she even gave him her jewellery; Ishwar says he has given the twenty-five dollars along with the land.

Manri regrets his decision to give away the land that held sentimental value for their elders. Surbhi, whose memories were attached to the land, is saddened by this news and questions if Manri considered her or Mitesh before deciding to give everything to Nandu. Mehul chimes in, pointing out that Manri’s focus was solely on Nandu and reminding Surbhi of her advice when he left for Rajkot – that they should prioritize repairing their relationship over material possessions.

When Ishwar asks if she had gotten ready for the marriage after finding out the truth, she says she asked him to fix the relationship rather than sell themselves, and he kept it all secret from them all. In response to Surbhi’s question, Manri apologizes again after holding Surbhi’s hand, saying that if Nandini discovers that he gave her the only thing they had to remember her mother as dowry, they will not be able to save the farm.

Deven says Naren is eager to give them company when they both arrive, so he asks them to sit down. When Naren attempts to sit on the bed, he falls into it, which makes everyone laugh, Chanchal angrily asks who did this mischievous thing. Deven replies it was just a matter of time and they would do it, Heta invites Chanchal to join them and have some fun.

Chanchal leaves after hitting Deven, Naren asks if they have even sold the mattress, Kinjal says they will play a treasure hunt with them, and four clues will be hidden. Naren says Kinjal isn’t so bright and then asks Deven if it was his idea. Deven replies that they both need to find the clue, so he asks Nandini to search for it. Nandini sees it, Naren reads it, and then they both start to wonder what it means.

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