Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rhea begins to ponder why Buji had said she would never locate Prachi. Determined to find her, she sets out on her mission. Meanwhile, Ranbir and Prachi are heading towards the construction site. As soon as Aaliya is informed of this by a goon, she sternly instructs them that the duo must not leave alive. Rhea stumbles upon the goons and overhears their conversation. Aaliya makes a strict demand that the walls and roof must fall on them so they both die. As Ranbir and Prachi enter, he suggests they need to move a drum in order to escape while Prachi expresses her discomfort with the surroundings. Aaliya confirms it is an eerie place.

Prachi, Ranbir, and their upcoming baby will die, and their family will be wiped out. Ranbir moves the drums. As the roof falls, Prachi and Ranbir panic. Rhea picks up asbestos pieces and gets there. Rhea rescues them and holds the asbestos as she takes them outside.

As Ranbir asks Prachi if she is doing well, Rhea asks her if she is fine and hugs her. Ranbir asks Rhea to check her condition. She asks Ranbir what happened. Ranbir asks Rhea you sent notice and tomorrow is the date. Prachi asks why did you come here? Rhea says to save you. Prachi says you would have gotten hurt, and something would have happened to you, so you came as well. Rhea says I’m bad, but your sister is too. She says let’s meet in court tomorrow.

She comes home. Aaliya says tomorrow is a court date, so what? Rhea asks how dare you, Prachi is my sister. Aaliya laughs and says she well deserves it, whatever I do. She tells her not to interfere again because Ranbir, Prachi, and the so-called baby would have died if you hadn’t interfered.

Rhea leaves next day. Aaliya stops her. Rhea says she will not listen to anyone and will go to court to recover the case, and nobody will stop her. Aaliya says I raised you when your mother left you. Rhea asks her not to say it today. Rhea says great, and says if I die, then the problems will end from Rhea and Prachi’s lives. She drives off and checks her brakes.

She thinks she knows that Buji doesn’t have the guts to fail her car brakes. She thinks since when she started loving Prachi, and thinks she is ready to die for her. Prachi will get all the things she deserves, and I will help her get them. She thinks this is a blood relation.

Judge asks Rhea about the case she has filed. Rhea replies, “I want to tell the truth today.” According to her, whatever wrongs Prachi and Ranbir have suffered are the result of my obsession, my endless love, and that I wanted Ranbir no matter what. The woman says I wanted him and Ranbir had fought with Prachi, so I took advantage of that.

She says I got Prachi’s signature on fake divorce papers, then I showed those papers to Ranbir and emotionally blackmailed him and threatened him to suicide if he didn’t marry me. She says I was foolish to think that I would get Ranbir, but he was always of Prachi. He used to say that he loved Prachi, but I didn’t hear him, so he couldn’t be with me anymore. As a result of my insecurities, madness, and mental breakdown, she says I could not be happy with him.

Rhea admits she feigned a faked pregnancy with Ranbir’s baby, confessing it was all a lie. She reveals her intention was merely to have Ranbir, and that he had never touched her. Prachi, Ranbir and Pallavi are all shocked by this revelation. Rhea apologises to Ranbir for manipulating his emotions and trying to put him in guilt. She acknowledges her wrongdoings do not deserve forgiveness and begs God that nobody ever has a sister like her.

Rhea says you have done wrong to file a case against innocent people. The lawyer asks Rhea what she means. She says Ranbir loves Prachi and they were never divorced. She says Ranbir never married me with his will and this is the divorce papers if you regard my marriage. She claims he married Prachi legally without committing any wrongs.

She apologizes to Pallavi, Dida and others, saying she wanted everything to be cleared legally. Aaliya’s lawyer states that it was a 420 case, to which Rhea responds by saying she was suicidal, but not making an excuse for what happened; instead she claims to take the case back. The judge then grants her wish, warning Rhea not to file any cases on innocent people before finally dismissing the proceedings.

Rhea departed the court room and Prachi tailed her. Dida enquired Pallavi if she was Rhea, to which Shahana revealed that she had withrawed the case and told the truth too. To this, Pallavi remarked how at some point people realize their mistakes. Prachi then asked Rhea why did she do something like this. Rhea stated that it was repulsive what she had done and was an abominable act; thus, she spoke out the truth. Ranbir arrived and complimented on her change in ways. She wished nothing but contentment for them with their little angel and desired to have serenity if they remained joyous.

Rhea hugs Prachi. She asks Ranbir to take care of her sister and says I’m going so she won’t have any problems. Rhea says I’ll be forgiven if I apologize. Prachi tells him to forget about that and think about the future. Then Rhea says I didn’t apologize and she forgives me. She says we’ll stay together as sisters. If I stay with you, I won’t be able to deal with you, she says I’m cursed.

Prachi keeps her hand on her stomach and says you are her/his maasi. Rhea says I wish I were like you. Prachi asks her to come with them, to home. Rhea says I will return when I become a Maasi, and until then please let me perform penance. As she leaves, Prachi cries and embraces Ranbir.

As a recap, Rhea tells Aaliya she’ll become Prachi’s aunt and face her kid. Aaliya says they’ll be dead next time. Rhea calls Prachi and says she’s scared she’ll kill her.

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